At Alice, we are constantly evolving to offer our clients the best experience in their remote identity verification process. Keep reading to find out about the last two updates of our product.

Audit logs for transparency

One of the latest updates gives customers more visibility about the users on the dashboard. In addition to the details of the date and time of creation of each user, editing their role, viewing their status, and checking if they are verified or not, it is now possible to access an audit log with the details of each user’s movements.

What does this mean? That the system automatically generates a database with the movements of each user, including the date, time, the action that took place and the user affected by said action. Only those users with administrator permission can deactivate or activate users and modify the roles of other users.

Thanks to this, it’s easier to carry out audits, understand which user accessed a certain resource, and when and who carried out different operations. Likewise, audit logs allow us to understand how and why an event happened, such as a bug or a security incident, in order to avoid it in the future.

With this new functionality, you can track all activities to have more control over the use of Alice in your business. In other words, it provides greater transparency and reliability when using our identity verification solution.

We are committed to continue improving and adapting to the needs of our customers. Request a demo to see first-hand how our identity verification solution can help empower your business

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