Alice for mobility companies

Alice is the digital onboarding and authentication solution used by mobility platforms to verify their drivers’ documents, while providing an excellent user experience and ensuring security standards.

Verify your users to protect your fleet and avoid damage.

Verify your users to protect your fleet

Prevents fraud, vehicle theft and damage

Reduces churn rate and cost of acquisition

Increase customer satisfaction

Optimise resources

Frictionless onboarding process

Your customers demand solutions on the fly, save them time and resources by automating their registration processes.

Self-service onboarding

Give your drivers the speed and convenience they need: no waiting times to register and no forms to fill out.

  • Real-time analysis and validation of licence type and driver’s age
  • Allows for the creation of digital identities that can be one-off or recurrent
Self-service onboarding

Face recognition for unlocking vehicles

In less than a blink of an eye, your customers can unlock your vehicles and start enjoying your service.

  • Detects identity theft
  • No contact required, non-intrusive process
  • No keys or passwords can be lost or stolen.
Face recognition for unlocking vehicles

Legitimate users on board

Protect your fleet and keep fraud at bay by denying access to suspicious users. Make sure your customers’ identities match their identification documents and that all documents they provide are up to date.

Legitimate users on board

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