Alice for Telecom companies

Alice is the authentication and digital onboarding solution adopted by telecommunications companies to modernise their services while adapting to local regulations.

Minimise fraudulent attacks


Verify the identity of your users in your office or remotely

Sign up new customers without friction

Optimise resources

Increase your business conversion

Identity verification focused on attracting and retaining customers

On your premises or at home, offer your customers a seamless flow to verify their identity in real time and sign contracts digitally without switching platforms.

Self-service onboarding

Offer your customers the possibility to verify their identity, sign contracts and activate your services remotely and in real time without the need to visit your premises.

  • Automatic detection of document capture from digital displays
  • Automatic detection of digital forgeries in identity documents, invoices, payments, etc.
Self-service onboarding

Authentication with facial recognition

Stop impersonation fraud by using biometrics to log in, retrieve passwords, access receipts, check panels, etc.

  • Biometric authentication to accept transactions
Authentication with facial recognition

Onboard only legitimate users

Protect your platform and your customers from fraudulent attacks.

  • Presentation attack detection methods
  • Prevent phishing attacks with non-collaborative techniques
  • Denies access to suspicious or banned users
  • Reduces data manipulation and identity fraud risks
Onboard only legitimate users

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