Intelligent and secure

Easy to integrate identity verification to boost your business

End-to-end identity verification that offers a frictionless customer experience without compromising security.

Grow faster

Improve conversion rates and reduce processing time: onboard more customers in less time.

Catch identity fraud

Automatically prevent fraud by securing each step of the verification process with artificial intelligence.

Comply global regulation

Meet Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, GDPR, or PSD2 requirements with our borders agnostic solution.

User centric solution

Remove obstacles between your customers and your service

The happier your customers, the better for your business. Our end-to-end identity service provides a memorable user experience and verifies users in an agile 3-step process.

Step 1

Video selfie capture

Alice asks the user to center the face and hold it to enable the automated capture of a 1-second video selfie.

Alice extracts the user biometric data and makes sure that it is a real person.

No additional steps are required for liveness detection, the user will not be asked to perform any gesture or proof.

Passive liveness detection
Automatic face detection and capture
Real-time AI video analysis
Advance facial biometrics
Step 2

ID Validation

Alice asks the user to show an ID and automates the capture and analysis, guiding the user through the process.

Official documents from +190 countries supported.

New ID can be added on-demand in less than 24h.

Advance AI-assisted ID authenticity checks
Worldwide ID documents coverage
National ID, passport, driver license, resident permit
On-demand non-structured documents
Step 3

User activation

If your onboarding process requires an AML lists check, capture a credit card or sign a contract, Alice will help you without the need of integrating third-party providers. Less than 1 second to process evidences and a few seconds more to complete this 3-steps verification and activation process.

You could integrate identity verification results into your back-end or manage everything from Alice´s dashboard: design user journey flow and features, or view your customer´s verifications in real time.

End-to-end holistic solution
Data protection and privacy compliant
Full control over captured data and processed results via API or dashboard
Certified e-signature

Our customers are happy

Drive business results with our frictionless identity verification

See how Alice helps your business to onboard more customers faster, reduce fraud and free up back office team.

Pablo Campos-Ansó

Head of New Business at Guppy

Not receiving messages or calls from our users during their onboarding is the best feedback we could get.

Naike Verse

Naike Sainz

COO at Verse

Thanks to Alice we are able to onboard our new clients with the least possible friction while strengthening the safety of our community.

Manel Hernández

CEO at Kiki Social

Thanks to Alice’s technology, we have made our users feel safe when interacting with others (avoiding false profiles), fulfilling one of our maxims: “your safety, our priority”.

Antonio Cantalapiedra

CEO & founder at Woonivers

Alice provides us with total security in the treatment of our users’ data, which is a fundamental requirement for us since we are partners of the tax agencies.


Face Capture and Matching

Enable the automated capture of the selfie and compare it against the customer's ID photo.

Liveness Detection

Ensure your customer is a real live person with our award-winning passive liveness technology.

ID Capture and Reading

Automate the capture and reading of the customer's ID document to extract all relevant information through our real-time reading technology.

ID Validation

Assess the trustworthiness of ID documents by performing an holistic AI-based forensic image analysis.

Biometric login

Protect your data and facilitate access of customers with the most secure facial recognition authentication.

AML Databases

Prevent money laundering through the search and monitoring against international dataset and sanction lists.


Happy customers are our best award

Alice has also been recognized multiple times over the years for developing the best technology for identity verification.


Better for your business

Improved conversion

Quick, flexible, and customizable implementation

Immediate response for earlier revenues and operational cost reduction

Minimal fraud

Better for your customers

Intelligent real-time feedback

Verification in a single session and just a few seconds

Anytime and anywhere

Intuitive, responsive, and easy to use


Alice is a self-serve solution so you can go through the entire evaluation, purchasing or integration process by yourself. Start a trial here. More information about Alice´s APi, Android, IOS or React Native SDKs here.
Not at all. We want you to keep using Alice because you are happy with the performance and results so you can cut the service whenever you want without any penalties.
Alice performs thousands of verifications everyday with 100% SLA fulfillment.
Alice has been created to fulfill AML/KYC and Data Protection regulation from most of the countries but happy to hear about your particular legal requirements.
Alice is an easy solution to integrate and on average it takes less than a day to have everything up and running.
Alice wants to show you how easy your business and user experience improve so it is free for 3 months during which you will be able to verify up to 100 users/month. Once you are ready to scale your business, pick the pricing plan that better fits your growth and you are ready to go.