Smart and safe

Identity verification service to boost your business

Need to verify the identity of your customers remotely? Opt for our identity verification solution for a frictionless experience for your users.

Faster growth

Improve your conversion ratesand reduce processing time:engage more customers in less time.

Detects identity fraud

Automate fraud detectionand secure every step of your verification processwith artificial intelligence.

Complies with global regulation

Comply with anti-money laundering (AML),Know Your Customer (KYC), GDPR and PSD2 requirements with our independent service.

User-centric solution

Remove the obstacles between your service and your customers

The faster your customers register, the better for your business. Our identity solution provides a memorable user experience and verifies users in 3 steps.

Biometric recognition

The faster your customers register, the better for your business. Our identity solution provides a memorable user experience and verifies users in 3 steps.

  • Passive life test
  • Automatic face detection and capture
  • Video identification
  • Real-time video analysis using Intelligence
  • Artificial
  • Digital biometrics

Document authentication

The user must then show their ID to their device’s camera. Alice automates the capture and analysis of the documentation, guiding the user through the process.

Official documents from more than 190 countries are accepted.

Alice can add new identity documents to validate in less than 24h.

  • Advanced AI-assisted ID authenticity checks
  • Coverage of identification documents worldwide
  • National ID cards, passports, driving licences, residence permits
  • Unstructured documents on demand

User activation

The registration process can include AML verification, reading and capturing documents or signing contracts without the need to integrate external providers.

The information is processed in less than 1 second. In a few more seconds the 3-step activation and verification process is completed, thus finalising the online identity verification.

You can integrate the identity verification results into the back-end or manage everything from the dashboard, where you can design the flow and functions of the user journey and review and control your customers’ verifications in real time.

  • End-to-end solution
  • Adapted to data protection laws
  • Full control over captured data and processed results via API or dashboard
  • Certified electronic signature

User-centric solution

Encourage your business with our frictionless identity verification.

Alice helps you onboard more customers in less time, reduce fraud and optimise your resources;

“With Alice we achieve a drastic reduction in activation time for our customers, with a significant proportion of new registrations being able to use our service within seconds of completing their registration.

Roberto Lera, CTO of Cooltra.

“Alice has a very communicative and helpful team. They made the implementation very easy and were on top of any hiccups.”

Mercè Domínguez, Operations Manager at Goin

“The biggest benefit we have [with Alice] is that we can customise the onboarding process a lot, just because of how the product is designed.”

Alvaro Ferrer, Product Manager


Facial recognition

Validate that your customer’s selfie corresponds to their personal identification, thus avoiding identity theft.

Proof of life

Verify that your customer is a real person with our passive technology.

DNI reading and capture

Automate the capture and reading of your customers’ ID documents to extract all relevant information through our real-time reading technology.

ID verificationID verification

Assesses the reliability and authenticity of identification documents using artificial intelligence-based forensic techniques.

Biometric login

Protect your customers’ data and make it easier for them to access your service through a facial recognition system for more secure digital identity authentication.

AML databases

Stop money laundering by searching, matching and tracking international datasets and sanctions lists.

Prizes and awards

Our customers are happy and that is our best reward.

Alice has also won several awards over the years for developing the best technology for identity verification.


en el Biosecure of Signature(ESRA 2011)


in the IJCB’17 on identity theft in mobility.


en el CVPR’19de PAD pasivo

The best for your business

  • Improved conversion
  • Fast, flexible and customised implementation
  • Immediate response and reduction of operational costs
  • Minimal fraud

The best for your customers

  • Real-time intelligent feedback
  • Verification in seconds and in a single session
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive, responsive and easy to use

Frequently asked questions

Alice is a self-service solution that allows you to go through the entire evaluation, purchase and integration process without assistance. Start a trial here. If you want to book a demo, here. Learn more about the Alice API and our Android, IOS or React Native SDKs here.

No. We want you to continue using Alice because you are happy with the solution and because you are getting results, so you can terminate the service at any time without penalty.

Alice performs thousands of verifications every day with 100% SLA compliance.

Alice has been set up to comply with the AML/KYC and data protection regulations of most countries, but we are happy to discuss your particular legal requirements.

Alice is a very easy to integrate solution. On average, in less than a day, you can start enjoying its benefits.

Alice wants to show you how to improve your business and your users’ experience, so it’s free for 3 months, where you can verify up to 100 users/month. Once you are ready to scale, you can choose the pricing plan that best suits your business growth.

Do you have any questions?