To know the user's situation at the moment of incorporation.

Eutelo Pena

Eutelo Pena

Knowing where users are in the onboarding process is important to, for example, identify any stages that may be difficult to overcome and act proactively to correct potential errors. In addition, it helps to reduce abandonment rates and measure conversion rates, average onboarding time and other key indicators. This information is essential for a fast, secure and frictionless onboarding process.

The latest feature increases customers’ visibility on the users who are registering on their service or platform. Now, all Alice users have a property called “user state” associated with them that allows you to know, at all times, in which step of the onboarding process they are.

  • No start
  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Accepted
  • Rejected 

The status is automatically updated as the user completes the stages of the process. However, this variable can be overwritten at any time by the client, both from the dashboard and via API. The “User State” property provides greater visibility of the current status of each user and also functions as a trigger for actions and derived processes. To keep track of this, you can set up alerts to know when a particular user reaches a specific step in the process.

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