Biometric login

Authenticate your customers with a selfie

Use biometric login to improve the security and convenience of your customers’ access to your business.

Facial recognition to build user loyalty and improve operations.

Biometric authentication provides a link between unique user data and previously stored data.

  • Avoid phishing attacks
  • Provide your customers with faster access to your service
  • Avoid lost or weak passwords, while speeding up your customers’ access to your platform.

Deep learning 

  • Faces are the new passwords
  • Automatic
  • Non-transferable
  • No maintenance costs
  • Effortless migration
  • Deep learning for further improvement
  • Robust to changes in appearance

Frequently asked questions

Biometric login is not a perceptible process, it happens in less than a second. Users show their face to the camera and are automatically granted access or not.

The technology behind it identifies unique details of the user’s face and compares them with existing information (usually an identity document). It instantly allows or denies access.

Among other uses, it has been designed and tested in:

  • Authentication processes
  • Registration and enrolment processes
  • Access control
  • Attendance controls
  • Age verification

Biometric login can be easily implemented via REST API. It is compatible with both web and mobile platforms.

Yes, we are always improving our features.You’ll have the latest updates at your disposal through our API – we’ll send you an email when it happens!

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