Alice for hospitality

Alice helps you digitise the traditional identity verification process for checking in guests when they arrive at your hotel, offering an omni-channel check-in solution and facial recognition access to your facilities.

Simplify your guests’ experience

Simplify your guests' experience

Remote check-in to optimise reception staff

New monetisation possibilities: fast track, reward cards, etc.

Access control to facilities and rooms

Engage your guests before they arrive

Welcome your guests and enhance their experience from the first contact, while complying with international hospitality law.

Self-service onboarding

Increase customer satisfaction before they arrive: no queues, no waiting time, no forms and no timetables. Give them the convenience they deserve with an omni-channel check-in solution.

  • Digital check-in: at home, on the go, where it suits you best
  • Unattended check-in using a totem upon arrival at the hotel
  • Check-in handled using your own device to avoid physical contact
Self-service onboarding

Facial recognition for access to facilities

Facial recognition can be extended beyond remote registration. Biometric authentication can be used as a key to access different facilities and rooms.

  • Detects identity theft
  • Non-contact, non-intrusive process
  • No keys or passwords can be lost or stolen.
Facial recognition for access to facilities

Legitimate guests

Take care of your hotel and your reputation by denying access to suspicious users. Make sure your customers’ identities match their identification documents.

Legitimate guests

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