Passive life test

Don’t give cybercriminals clues as to how to attack your system

Our life detection technology automatically detects facial impersonation fraud through printed or on-screen photos, pre-recorded videos and other sophisticated attacks.

Optimised facial recognition technology to register your customers

Don’t annoy your customers by asking for absurd gestures with obsolete technology.

Protect your platform and your customers by relying on deep learning to analyse images and videos.

  • Assesses the risk of impersonation
  • No need to ask your users to collaborate, speed up your registration process.

Relying on award-winning, patented technology to power your business

1st position in the IJCB’17 on detection of fully passive presentation attacks.

1st European team in the CVPR’19 competition on detection of fully passive presentation attacks.

No le des pistas a los cibercriminales sobre cómo atacar tu sistema

Automatic anti-spoofing system

Our passive proof of life acts as an additional layer of security to provide a robust fraud assessment for any authentication process.

  • Recognises digital and printed photographs
  • Detects attacks using flat and mixed face masks
  • Prevent video attacks
  • Uses multiple image and video signal analysis to detect phishing attacks
  • Relies on deep learning for robust detection of spoofing evidence

Preguntas frecuentes

The passive proof of life is activated during registration processes. It serves to verify that there is a real person behind the process. For the user, this is an unnoticeable step. You will be able to access this assessment and see all the details through our control panel.

Our technology is rapidly deployed and integrated via REST API. It supports both web and mobile platforms.

Yes, we are always improving our algorithm. You will have access to the latest updates through our API.

Facial recognition is used to verify whether a user’s face matches the associated identification document. Adding proof of life to a registration process allows confirmation that there is a real person behind the process.