Liveness Detection

Don’t give thieves clues on how to attack your system

Our liveness detection feature automatically detects facial spoofing fraud through on-screen or printed photos, on-screen prerecorded videos, and other sophisticated attacks.

Don’t annoy your clients by asking them for absurd gestures

Protect your platform and your users relying on deep learning to analyze image and video.

Spoofing risk assessment.

No collaboration from the user is needed.

Compliant award-winning proprietary technology to power-up your business

In IJCB’17 competition on fully passive presentation attack detection.

European team in CVPR’19 contest on fully passive presentation attack detection.

Autonomous anti-spoofing system

Our Passive Liveness Detection technology acts as an added security layer in order to provide the most robust fraud assessment to any authentication process.

Recognizes digital and printed photographs

Detects attacks using flat and blended face masks

Deters video attacks

Uses multiple image and video cues analysis to detect spoofing attacks

It is based on Deep Learning for robust impersonation evidence detection


During an onboarding process, our technology checks liveness from video streams. Through video analysis, combines the use of multiple detectors based on deep learning. It provides a final spoofing risk assessment to evaluate if the user goes through the process or not. This evaluation can be accessed through our dashboard. It is not human perceivable and users don’t notice it.

Our technology is quickly deployed and integrated through the REST API. It is compatible both with web and mobile platforms.

Yes, we are always improving our algorithm. You will have the latest upgrades at your disposal through our API. We will drop you an email when it happens!

Face Matching function allows you to check if there is a match between a face and an ID document associated, while adding Liveness Detection to your platform will confirm if there is a real person behind the process.