Face Capture and Matching to verify your customers identity instantly

Extract your customers unique facial characteristics to compare them against their identity documentation.

Facial recognition technology specially optimized for the onboarding scenario

Increase your customers’ satisfaction and retention by speeding up their registration and authentication processes.

Accelerate any onboarding process using facial biometrics.

Improve the security of your company.

Avoid impersonation attacks through different presentation attacks detection methods.

Provide a technology robust to aging, appearance changes, glasses, document watermarks and other elements of the complex digital onboarding scenario.

Powered by biometrics analysis and AI in order to prevent fraud and impersonation attacks

Identity verification based on facial recognition

Suitable for Onboarding KYC

Detects users already registered

Compares users against a list of users

Finds ID documents duplicates

Offers understandable reports through probability measures

Prevents fraudulent attacks

Detects deepfakes

Checks self-exclusion lists


In order to verify an identity, the system needs a capture of the user’s identity documentation and a selfie. From this information, it is able to extract the facial characteristics of the person in question and confirm whether they are using their documentation.

Among other uses, it has been designed and tested in:

  • Authentication processes
  • Login or registration
  • Physical or remote payments
  • Onboarding processes
  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Age verification
  • Check-in

Yes, we are the developers of our technology, so you always have the optimal performance and the latest upgrades at your disposal through our API. Stay tuned!

Our Face Capture and Matching is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.