Identity verification, in a second.

Verify the identity of your customers quickly and securely. Receive a response in less than 1 second. 100% automated, with no manual reviews. Built on a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, after more than 10 years of development.

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How it works

Just a selfie and an ID to onboard your customers automatically.

Say goodbye to manual processes and focus on growing your business securely.


Compliant bank account opening

Build the registration flow that meets identity verification requirements for AML and KYC without compromising on user experience and security standards. Enable biometric authentication to add extra security on risky transactions.

Sharing Mobility

Frictionless onboarding of drivers

Speed up the identity verification process of drivers and protect your fleet and service. Enable biometric authentication to unlock vehicles as a deterrent for bad behavior such as vehicle theft or damage.



Improve your guest experience by offering an omnichannel check-in solution. Enable biometric authentication to seamless access to guest services at the hotel.


Omnichannel user verification

From in-store to online, fully digitalize the onboarding and activation of customers by verifying their identity remotely and signing contracts digitally.

Social Media

Fake social accounts detection

Verify the identity of your community to increase trust&safety of your service and prevent unauthorized behaviour. Enable biometric authentication as login to the customer’s account to facilitate access and avoid account takeovers.


Compliant ID validation

Onboard quickly and easily while complying with age verification and self-exclusion lists of customers. Enable biometric authentication to grant omnichannel access and accept transactions.

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“With Alice we achieve a drastic reduction in activation time for our customers, getting a significant portion of new registrations to be able to use our service just seconds after completing registration.”

Roberto Lera, Cooltra CTO.

“Alice has a team that is very communicative and always willing to help. They made implementation very easy and were on top of any hiccups.”

Mercè Domínguez, Operations Manager at Goin

“The biggest benefit we have [with Alice] is that we can customize the onboarding process a lot, just because of how the product is designed.”

Alvaro Ferrer, Product Manager

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Why Alice

Power-up your business with true intelligence

Our more than 10 years of R&D activity on the remote customer’s verification process make us a reliable partner to help your business comply with AML/KYC regulation. Reduce human-assisted operations without jeopardizing user experience and security.


Verified in less than one second

Just a blink to start making money from your customers. The earlier, the better for your business.


Check Automation rate

Just a camera to optimize your operations. The more automated, the more focused on valuable key tasks.


Onboarding conversion rate

Just AI-optimized UX to help customers finalize the process on the first try. The less friction, the higher number of customers.

Features of Alice Biometrics services

Face Capture and Matching

Enable the automated capture of the selfie and compare it against the customer’s ID photo to fight spoofing attacks.

Liveness Detection

Ensure your customer is a real live person with our award-winning passive liveness technology.

ID Capture and Reading

Automate the capture and reading of the customer’s ID document to extract all relevant information through our real-time reading technology.

ID Validation

Assess the trustworthiness of ID documents by performing a holistic AI-based forensic image analysis.

Biometric login

Protect your customers’ data and facilitate their access to your service through a facial recognition system.

AML Databases

Prevent money laundering through the search and monitoring against an international dataset and sanction lists.

Proprietary technology in accordance with the highest standards and most demanding regulations

Alice meets the highest industry standards for fraud prevention and offers compliance with CCPA, GDPR, SOC and WCAAG for customers’ privacy protection.