Alice for companies in Gambling

Alice is the digital registration and authentication solution of choice for the gaming industry to deliver a multi-channel experience to its players, while complying with industry regulations.

Bet on security

Bet on security

Complies with sector-specific regulations

Verify the age of your users automatically

Offering a remote and omni-channel solution

Include self-exclusion lists in your platform.

Protect your business from fraud

Enables faster and more secure login and identity verification processes.

Self-service onboarding

Offer simple registration processes to increase the conversion rate of your business.

  • It allows the creation of digital identities that can be one-off or recurring.
Self-service onboarding

Authentication with facial recognition

Stop phishing fraud by using biometrics to log in, retrieve passwords, access receipts, check panels, etc.

  • Biometric authentication to accept transactions or access facilities
Authentication with facial recognition

Attract legitimate players

Protect your platform and your customers from fraudulent attacks.

  • Make sure your clients are of legal age and have all documents up to date
  • Prohibit access to suspicious users
Attract legitimate players

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