Alice for companies in Gambling

Alice is the digital onboarding and authentication solution the gambling industry chooses to facilitate users’ journey both physically and online, while aligning with regulations, such as KYC or age-verification.

Bet on security

Comply with Gambling regulation

Verify age automatically

Offer a remote and omnichannel solution

Include self-exclusion lists in your platform

Protect your business from fraud

Enable the fastest and most secure identity verification and login processes for your clients.

Step 1

Self-service onboarding

Offer simple registration and approval processes to boost your conversion rate.
Allows the creation of digital identities that can be one-shot or recurrent
Step 2

Facial recognition authentication

Stop impersonation fraud using biometrics to login, recover passwords, access receipts, check dashboards, etc.
Biometric authentication to accept transactions or access facilities
Step 3

Attract legitimate players

Protect your platform and your customers from fraudulent attacks.
Ensure your customers are adults and have all documents up to date
Deny access to suspicious or banned users

Companies that need our solution

Online casinos

Betting platforms

Business cases

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