Identity Verification Plans

Pay only for the number of verifications you need. The more you use it, the lower the cost per user verification.
All include a one month free trial with no obligation.











More than 5000 users/month. Talk with us

200€ / month

  • Face Matching Selfie vs ID
  • Capture of proof of identity
  • Control Panel
  • API / SDK Integration
  • Customer Support (24h)
  • Facial authentication (+0,25€ active user/month)

400 € / month

  • Everything included in the Basic plan

Additional Features

  • Automatic reading of doc ID fields (OCR)
  • Passive liveness
  • Document validation

800 € / month

  • Everything included in the Intermediate plan

Additional Features

  • Certificate of evidence
  • Biometric blocked user lists
  • NFC
  • Duplicates report
  • Single session security
  • Tech support tickets (SLA <24h)

Customized configuration and access to exclusive features

  • Selfie + Challenge
  • Forensic validation by fraud expert
  • Multiple account management dashboard
  • AML screening y monitoring
  • QTSP time stamped
  • Customized support
  • Notifications through webhooks
  • Add-ons and ad-hoc integrations with third parties

All plans come with a one-month free trial. With a maximum of 100 verifications.

Contact us if your use case is Hospitality, OCR, or does not fit our pricing plans.

What are the first steps after sign up?

Select a programme

You select the programme that best suits your monthly verification volume and functionalities.

Receive test credentials

The Alice support team will send you test credentials, and will accompany you for as long as you need.

Log in to Alice’s panel

Customise your control panel and test.In this panel you will find all the information of the users who have registered on your platform, both legitimate and non-legitimate.

Start verifying users

Test it.

Keep track of your users via your control panel

Access structured data that has been automatically processed.Track your customers.

Frecuently Asked Questions

Whenever you want, you do not have any kind of permanence or penalty.

No, you only pay for the number of verifications you contract.

Do you have any questions?