Validation of identity documents

Avoid document forgeries

Our identity document validation is an authentication solution that offers an additional level of security to detect digital forgeries, preventing fraud in KYC/AML onboarding.

Artificial intelligence-based document forgery detection for fraud prevention.

Add an additional layer of security to your business

  • Prevents fraud by analysing documents and detecting digital forgeries using artificial intelligence-based forensic techniques
  • Optimise resources, starting with time and personnel
  • Automatically finds out if a document has been captured from a screen

All types of identity documents

+190 countries

Multiple alphabets

Validating identity documents to improve the security of your platform

  • Detection of documents and photos displayed on screens and paper
  • Detection of fraudulent documents
  • Cross validation between VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) and MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)
  • Cross-validation between different documents
  • Document validation via NFC scanning
  • Multi-level security checks in the report
  • Image analysis based on deep learning

Frequently asked questions

ID document validation is carried out when a user needs to verify their ID. The user simply takes a photo of his or her document with the camera of his or her phone or laptop. In less than a blink of an eye, the system responds by accepting the request if the user’s document is legitimate, or rejects the request if it is not.

Among others, it has been designed and tested in:

  • Registration and enrolment processes
  • Attendance checks
  • Age verification

Our ID validation function is quickly integrated via REST APIs. It supports both web and mobile platforms.

Yes, we are always improving our solution. You’ll have the latest updates at your disposal through our API – we’ll send you an email when it happens!

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