Capture and Reading

ID Capture and Reading to extract data automatically

Our ID Capture and Reading feature deletes the need of manually filling out forms, it automatically extracts both customer and document data from ID cards, driving licenses, passports…

Immediate results without waiting. Save your customers time

Increase your conversion rate and reduce your churn rate with a solution to automatically capture your client’s information.

Enable faster onboardings

Increase customer experience

Avoid human error

+129 ID cards supported

+301 Driver licenses supported

+104 Residence permits supported

+190 Countries

Interactive reading during the capture process

Compatible with passports, national IDs, driving licenses, residence permit, etc.

Performs Optical Character Recognition on the text

Detects the type of document

Improves OCR performance by preprocessing images

Extracts data from both, the VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) and the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)

Optional NFC reading


No problem! You will have it ready in less than 24 h. We can incorporate any new identity document you need overnight.

ID Capture and Reading is a fast process that only requires the user to take a photo of both sides of their ID. Meanwhile, our Optical Character Recognition technology captures the required information and allows the user to continue with their verification process. Data extraction and processing are simultaneous.

Among other uses, it has been designed and tested in:

  • Authentication processes
  • Physical or remote payments
  • Onboarding processes
  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Age verification
  • Check-in
  • Data extraction to fill out forms or applications

Our ID Capture and Reading feature is quickly deployed and integrated through the REST API. It is compatible both with web and mobile platforms.

Yes, we are always improving our solution. You will have the latest upgrades at your disposal through our API. We will drop you an email when it happens!