February has been a month of internal improvements. Even so, in order to offer the best possible product to our customers, we have brought forward the following innovations:

  • We continue to increase the security of our system
  • We increase the supported documents

Detector of more than one face

As you know, our identity verification solution consists of a selfie and the capture of an identity document.

During the selfie capture, our system performs various security checks. The most important: liveness detection. This February, we have added a new protection measure to those security checks: the detection of more than one face on the screen.

In this way, when a person takes a selfie as part of a verification process, the system warns that there is more than one face on the scene.

In case the system finds more than one person during the selfie capture, a warning is sent.

Why? What is this protection measure for?

Our experience tells us that when it appears more than one face during an onboarding process usually corresponds to a typical fraud scenario, in which several people are trying to attack the system and/or impersonate identities.

We added 100 more documents!

Our onboarding process supports the vast majority of national identity documents, residence permits, driver’s licenses, passports, health insurance cards, etc.

During the month of February we have increased our database of supported documents by +100. Not bad, huh? Here you can check all the documents that we support. 

We are constantly adding new documents. And if the document you need is not added, we promise to include it in our system in less than 24 hours.

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