Arriving at a hotel involves friction: the guest arrives tired, has to wait in a queue to register their arrival, fill out paperwork, wait for their key… Most customers do not question this practice, they understand they have to identify themselves in order to enjoy the hotel. But the truth is that identification in hotels is much more than a regular verification.

Hotel regulation defines the registration processes for new guests and cannot be dispensed with.

Integrating a digital onboarding solution can help eliminating friction, while complying with all legal requirements. Besides, it offers the possibility that it is your client who chooses if they want to wait at reception or go directly to your facilities.

Hotels are obliged to identify their clients

As you know, the Accommodation Law establishes that Spanish hotels and accommodation establishments have to register the personal data of their clients and notify them to the State Security Forces within a period of no more than 24 hours from their entry.

This is a mandatory requirement. In fact, if the client refuses to provide their information, the hotel cannot host them.

The objective of this law is to protect citizens and, in general, to prevent people with a criminal record or wanted by the law from staying wherever they want without repercussions. And, of course, to create safe and accessible spaces.

Check-in at hotels, what is it?

Check-in at hotels translates into the guest identification process. Without this initial identity verification filter, anyone could book stays using false names, forged identity documents, or stolen payment cards.

It allows hotels to verify if a person is who they say they are (usually through proof or identity documentation). And, therefore, it is a guarantee for hotels to establish secure relationships with trustworthy people, which in turn protects other guests.

In addition, verifying that your client is who they say they are is crucial to avoid abuse of services by those who seek to take advantage of them.

Why should you integrate an identity verification solution in your hotel?

Adding an online identity verification solution to your hotel will allow you to keep fewer staff at the reception and, therefore, that your team can dedicate themselves to more important tasks than waiting for guests at midnight.

Digital onboarding, also known as automatic online registration, allows your customers to register at your hotel through your website or app. They just have to follow the necessary steps, from verifying their identity to completing the new customer files.

  • Keep your hotel, pension, hostel, etc. open. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Offer self-service check-in and check-out
  • Provides a hygienic and covid environment -friendly
  • Save resources: paper, time, staff, etc

What are the benefits of online check-in at hotels?

Improve your guests’ experience. When, how and where your client wants

Angry customers and overwhelmed employees are two common types of people at receptions around the world.

If your guest arrives at midnight, allow him to go directly to his room without holding him at the counter. Offer him the possibility to check-in or check-out from his home, in the taxi or at the entrance of your hotel. In addition, you will not have to worry about the schedule or because the license was left in the rental car.

No queues, no waiting times, no forms and no schedules.

Give them the convenience they deserve with an omnichannel registration solution:

  • Digital check-in: at home, on the go, where it best suits
  • Check-in by totem on arrival at the hotel
  • Provide a hygienic environment and covid-friendly

Control capacity and protect your business against identity theft

Digital onboarding allows you to verify and validate the identity of your clients. You will be able to keep track of the capacity and track the entries and exits of your customers in order to offer them a better service.

In addition, it will help you take care of your hotel and your reputation, denying access to suspicious users.

  • Detect identity theft and identity fraud
  • Check capacity and availability of facilities
  • Understand the behavior of your customers
  • Biometric authentication to access facilities, such as rooms, gym, spa, dining room …
  • Payments associated with an account / room
  • Personalization of menus, invitations to events , information about services, etc.

How our solution works

We offer you two modes for your customers to enjoy an omnichannel experience as simple and comfortable as possible.

Your guests will be able to register their entry and exit in your facilities through:

Web platform or mobile app

We incorporate our identity verification solution into your website or mobile app, so you can offer online check-in at your hotel. Your clients can confirm their arrival from the airport or from their homes, as they prefer. So when they arrive at your facilities, they can go directly to where they want.


Another option would be to integrate our automatic registration in fixed devices or terminals at the reception of your hotel, where the guest can notify their arrival without help, just by following the registration steps.

———————————————– ————————————————– —

In both cases, web platform or totem, the system will completely guide the user to make their registration successfully and in just two steps.

  1. The system will ask your guest to take a selfie at that precise moment.

Alice extracts the biometric data of the user and makes sure that they are a real person.

  • Passive liveness detection
  • Automatic face detection and capture
  • Real-time AI video analysis
  • Advanced facial biometry
  1. Next, it will ask you to capture her identity document on both sides.

Official documents from over 190 countries are supported and new IDs can be added in less than 24 hours.

  • AI-assisted advanced identification authenticity checks
  • Coverage of identification documents worldwide
  • ID, passport, driver’s license, residence permit

With this information, our solution is able to associate the selfie and the documentation provided to confirm if it is the same person. It is also possible to add verification of AML lists and sanctions lists. We help you without the need to integrate external providers.

  • Smart Solution – Omnichannel – Online- Secure – Immediate
  • Remote check-in to optimize personal resources at reception
  • Allows the creation of digital identities that can be one-off or recurring
  • Increases customer experience and loyalty.
  • Exclusion lists
  • Biometric authentication to unlock doors

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