If you are not yet familiar with remote user registration and want to know how to digitize this part of your business, keep reading.

At the end of the post, you will understand how technology can help you optimize resources .

What does digital onboarding mean?

Whether you have a physical or online business, you can register your new customers remotely thanks to new technologies .

Digital onboarding is the online registration process, which is done the first time a user accesses a digital service or product.

Or what is the same, in order to access an online service, the client must register = they must go through a digital onboarding process.

We are talking about incorporating a new client into a database completely online, regardless of whether your business is a hotel or an app, for example.

Of course, it is a totally widespread modality on the internet business- we register daily on social networks, online stores, administrative services, etc. – but it is becoming more and more common in physical ones.

Digital onboarding allows access to establishments and facilities remotely, it is not necessary for the owner to travel to open a venue, rent a vehicle to a client, hand over a key, etc.

The possibilities that remote client registration opens up are many – and there is still more to discover.

???? It’s automatic and online

The user, your client, registers remotely, when and from where he wants without the need for help.

???? It’s fast and immediate

It does not involve moving or waiting.

???? It is scalable

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 new clients or 2,000, your business continues to grow.

Traditional vs. Digital onboarding

Before continuing, it is important to go back to the origin of digital onboarding.

Digital onboarding is the result of the digitization of face-to-face registration processes .

Traditionally, new customer registration required direct interaction between entities and users. It was necessary for the customer to go to the facilities of a company to access the X service.

New technologies have allowed this entity-user relationship to take place in the world of the Internet, without the need for travel and direct communication.

What is digital onboarding with identity verification?

Digital onboarding can go one step further in terms of security.


Integrating an identity verification solution . Adding this type of system during remote registration allows companies to add a higher level of protection.

Identity verification solutions verify the identity of the clients to be registered and confirm that they are real people, as well as their criminal record.

Digital onboarding goes one step further in the incorporation of new clients and verifies the identity of these clients.

We understand by identity, the personal data that differentiate one person from another.

During these customer registration processes with identity verification, the data of the end user is validated, as well as their identity documents to avoid falsifications or fraud of any kind.

In regulated sectors, such as fintech, online banking or gambling, this is done and they are known as KYC processes. You can read more here.

Remote customer registration in online banking and fintech

Banking has been the first industry to adopt digital incorporation with identity verification, since it is a regulated sector and required by law to adopt the KYC .

This process allows users of banks and fintech apps to:

  • Open bank accounts from the comfort of your home
  • Perform “sensitive” transactions and operations without going to the bank
  • Apply for a mortgage from the beach
  • Sign documentation sitting on the couch
  • Etc.

What are the benefits of automating customer registration?

Turn the question around: What are the cons of not automating user registration?

Loss of customers!

Automating customer registration translates into offering your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But also …

???? ???? Reduce costs and save resources

You know the large amount of financial and human resources that a manual customer registry consumes. By automating these type of processes, your team will be able to dedicate themselves to other tasks that create value for your business.

Also, you will be insuring your business against any unforeseen event, your service is always available rain, snow or shine, whether you are present or not.

In summary …

  • You will have more benefits to reinvest in your business
  • A happier team and less overloaded with tedious tasks
  • 2×1 in efficiency and productivity!

???? Improve your app or platform, your service

In the age of the internet, who doesn’t like self-service?

Offering solutions that your clients can use themselves without the need for external support (because they are really easy to use) guarantee practicality and agility.

Making the enrollment experience enjoyable and easy will make your customers feel interested in your service.

And as a customer, you sure love problem-solving services in the here and now. Apply it in your business.

Also, you will be covering your business against any unforeseen event, your service is always available.

  • You will increase the rate of attracting customers attracted by the convenience of your registration

???? Increase your customers satisfaction and loyalty

Focusing on your customers and offering them convenience will save you a lot of work and pay off big.

Re-organize your staff, don’t waste time doing repetitive tasks that technology has improved.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Did you know …?

Digital identity verification solutions favor the acquisition of customers in any channel (mobile, web, facilities, etc.) because they eliminate waiting times and travel.

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