What is the best solution to register clients remotely?



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Stop there!

The appropriate question is: what solution do I need to register my new users?

When choosing a SaaS provider to register your customers remotely, you should not look for the best solution.

You should look for the solution from digital incorporation that best suits your needs and your objectives.

  • If technology is key for your company, you should bet on a solution that develops its own system
  • If your business prioritizes conversion, choose a provider that guarantees you an increase conversion
  • Do you need to reduce friction during onboarding? Hire a company that reduces this lack of fluidity
  • Etc.

How to choose an online user registration solution?

If you are asking what criteria you should follow to select a remote customer registration solution, it is because you are aware that there are many alternatives on the market.

As suppliers, we know well the concerns of our clients.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the key points to take into account, accompanied by the questions that we believe you should ask yourself before hiring a suitable solution for your business.

Automation versus human team

  • Do I need to verify my clients in real time?
  • How many hours / personal savings automating identity verification?
  • Is there a human team behind the verifications that X supplier offers me?
  • Can I afford a slower identity verification?

Own technology vs. license

  • Has this vendor developed its own technology or paid for it?
  • Does this provider update the technology they offer me?
  • If I need some modification, can it be done? How long it takes?
  • What happens if the system crashes?


  • Can I customize the interface my clients see to suit my business?
  • Do I need help to make the changes?


  • What do I need to integrate an identity verification solution?
  • How long does integration take?
  • Can we integrate the solution internally or do we need help?
  • Is it compatible with my platform?


  • Does this provider’s solution allow me to expand my customer base?
  • How simple is it to extend my contract?
  • Do I have to integrate any more functions?

Conversion rates

  • Is this solution optimized to decrease registry friction?


  • Is this solution KYC / AML compliant?
  • Is this solution compliant with GDPR regulations?
  • Is this solution adapted to the new regulations, is it up to date?


  • If I have a problem, is the supplier responsible? Can you offer me help?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do you charge me seniors or is it included in the price?

Our solution to register clients remotely

We take this opportunity to present our identity verification system to register new users remotely:

✓ Our solution is automatic , it verifies clients in real time

✓ We have developed our own technology

✓ Our system is completely customizable quickly and easily

✓ Our technology integrates in minutes and is compatible with any platform

✓ We are fully adapted to the KYC / AML and GDPR regulations

✓ Our system is scalable , we accompany you in your growth

✓ We have optimized our solution for digital onboarding

✓ We provide a frictionless identity verification system, fluid and immediate

✓ We are aware of your needs, our team offers you support adapted to your business

Do you want to know more? Here’s our latest product announcement:

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