Identity verification to regain the trust of your customers



Verificación de identidad para incrementar la confianza

The transition to the digital world is a reality. Consumers are looking for online options for everything, from pilates classes to team building sessions to medical appointments and much more.

In today’s world, physical life must already have its equivalent version on the internet.

The way in which customers relate to the environment has changed and their perception of security has also changed.

While a few years ago it would be unthinkable to carry out large one-click transactions or sensitive operations without directly interacting with the other party, today it is the norm.

This digitization must be accompanied by security, and this point isn’t negotiable. Customers look for services online where they feel comfortable and secure. And they trust businesses that offer them a safe, secure and seamless digital experience. Hassle free and no need for assistance or guidance. The more intuitive, the better.

Trust and security no longer have to be associated with physical presence.

The problem of trust online

Surely you wouldn’t invite a stranger to your home, much less start doing business with a person you just met.

Although we don’t usually think of it this way, every time we buy on a website, we register on a social network, etc., we are establishing a business relationship. Just as we wouldn’t open the doors of our house to someone random, much less trust them with money or work, neither do online companies.

Trust is crucial in any business relationship. Even more so if the two parties are not in the same physical space. Companies must work conscientiously to generate that trust from a distance.

Would anyone trust a bank that allows anyone to open a bank account? And a rental company that lends its cars without further ado?

Identity verification to build trust online

Companies that care about building trust in relationships with their customers, identify them, give them a first and last name to be able to assign responsibilities. To do this, they opt for robust authentication processes, based on technologies that guarantee fraud prevention.

Verifying the identity of new users before they access online services (opening a bank account, renting a car, shopping in your online store, registering in an app, etc.) allows companies to understand who is the person on the other side of the the screen, what their motivations are, and if they have a history (both in your business and in others).

Only companies that are secure and offer robust verification processes, provide protection and are perceived as trustworthy brands.

Returning to the previous example: Surely you wouldn’t invite a stranger, much less start doing business with a person you just met. But what if someone gives you references and they are very good? What if that person is someone you trust from your mother, sister, partner, etc.? Identity verification matches those good references.

Betting on digital identity verification of new customers helps companies establish secure and reliable processes.

At Alice we offer you an online identity verification solution that addresses the concerns of your customers.

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