How to improve the checkout of your online store



Technology advances so fast that every so often new features emerge that make life easier for both the company itself and potential customers.

The reading of credit and debit cards helps to improve the checkout of ecommerce. This functionality means users don’t have to manually enter their payment card numbers when shopping online, speeding up transactions and reducing human error.

Improve the checkout of your online store by integrating credit card scanning

Online sales are here to stay and continue to expand. More than ever, the focus of online business needs to be on customers. They must invest in solutions that help them improve their users’ experience if they want to increase their conversion. In this sense, the moment of payment of the purchase or checkout is crucial.

Have you ever left products in the shopping cart because you were asked too much information? And due to a cumbersome procedure?

One of the functions that works best when it comes to paying is offering credit card scanning because it makes it easy for your customers.

What is credit card scanning?

The credit card scanning (whether credit or debit) is a functionality that extracts data from debit and credit cards automatically, without the need for the user to fill in the fields manually. Powered by OCR.

Through this function, the user is freed from the work of entering their name, card number, etc. Therefore, the process is accelerated and the user manages to complete their purchase in less time and without the risk of entering their data incorrectly.

Why you should improve the checkout of your online store

The checkout of your online business is one of the most important parts of the entire purchase process: the user has your product in the cart and is willing to pay for it. If something fails at this point, you lose the sale. Of course there are other factors (doubts, lack of confidence, price, laziness, etc.), but your task is to make it so easy for the consumer that they cannot say no.

Credit card scanning helps you to make the process more comfortable and simple. The user does not have to do anything, just have the credit or debit card at hand and capture an image, that’s it. You do not need to write the numbers by hand or check that they are correct. In addition, it is a feature that can be done from any device, smartphone, PC or tablet, only an Internet connection is needed. 

  • The buyer does not have to manually write each of the numbers, what saves time and avoids possible mistakes
  • The potential buyer enjoys a faster and more comfortable shopping experience. And, consequently, it increases the conversion rate
  • The company eliminates possible card fraud, since the system recognizes errors, duplicates and fraud

Save time and money. Reduce errors and friction

Credit card scanning is key in the online checkout that focuses on the user, even more so in these times. In addition, it provides important benefits in both directions, both for the potential buyer and for the company, since it is a functionality that helps prevent fraud.

Are you looking for a card reading provider?

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