We have started the year working hard, these are our news for January: 

  • We have continued to optimize our onboarding flow
  • We have delved into the security of our clients
  • We have increased the capabilities of our OTDs feature

Frictionless digital onboarding

Our clients choose us for our focus on the end user. And they stay with us because of our constant improvement. 

At Alice we are aware that digital onboarding processes vary depending on the company and the industry (verifying a user who is signing a rental is not the same as verifying a user on a social network). For this reason, we offer a fluid and flexible client registration process, which allows us to adapt to each specific situation. Besides, we get involved from the beginning so that our clients achieve a flow of new clients adapted to their needs.

The design and order of the steps in the identity verification flow are crucial for conversion, so we keep them under continuous review and optimization.  

Our clients can configure in our SDKs the steps they want to ask their users, the order in which these steps appear, and even force them to be completed following an order.


Analyzing our verification processes, we have realized that the flow that converts best is the one that asks for the identity document first (before the selfie). Probably because the user needs the document first and is preparing to start the onboarding process. If the selfie is requested first, the user may not have their identity document at hand and may have to postpone verification.

Authentication in 2 steps 

The safety of our customers is and will always be our priority. For this reason, we are committed to two-step authentication (2FA).

We added 2-step authentication to our platform to help our customers protect access to their data from unauthorized access. Now our customers are “doubly” sure that access to their data is shielded. 

⚠️ Two-factor authentication or 2FA confirms a person’s identity by combining the use of two factors. Generally, the first one consists of entering a username and password. While the second is usually a biometric verification, an SMS, a token, etc.

More OTDs (Other trusted documents)

OTDs (Other trusted documents) are documents with legal validity, such as an invoice or a rental agreement, which serve as proof to reinforce a person’s identity. 

In recent months, we have expanded the possibilities of our identity verification solution and integrated this new functionality to complement the verification processes of new clients.

After weeks of gathering information, we’ve delved into this functionality and made some adjustments. 

In addition to accepting more types of documents, our clients can now request as many OTDs from their users as they need and even categorize them according to their needs.  

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