Biometric access control, what it is and how it works

Control de acceso biométrico

Biometric access control facilitates entry to any type of establishment. In this post, we explain what it is.

What is a biometric access control?

Biometric access control is a type of security system that allows or denies entry to a site. It acts like a porter, but with the simplicity that the user who enters or leaves just has to stop to authenticate using their face, finger, voice, etc.

In the case of biometric access controls by facial recognition, with a selfie, the door opens.

Biometric access control refers to automatic systems that manage the access of authorized persons. They can be doors, elevators, fences, turnstiles, barriers, etc.

Why is biometrics used in access control?

Traditional access systems, based on objects and information, can be shared, lost or stolen. Depending on the level of security that is needed, this can be a problem because it represents a huge vulnerability.

An access code, like a PIN, can be shared and distributed, even to unauthorized people. If that code is to access a public bathroom, there should be no problem, but what if it is an office or a warehouse?

Biometrics, unlike cards or passwords, do not present risks of loss or theft because their characteristics are unique and non-transferable.

Use cases

The use cases are broad, as it can benefit many different types of businesses. That is:

  • Public sector: in the public sector there are different sections and workers, with primary and important information. That is why biometric access control may be necessary.
  • Health sector: the health area has private and confidential information for patients. Therefore, it is essential to restrict access to these data servers or certain file rooms. These systems may be the most suitable solution.
  • Businesses in general: there are businesses in general that require the registration of workers’ hours or access control in certain areas.
  • Institutions: there are certain institutions such as police stations that may require biometric access control to guarantee the security of the center.

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