The hotels of the future are self-service



The hotels of the future will be self-service facilities, in which the customer rules

In recent years, the hotel industry has undergone major changes. New technologies have completely modified reservations, accommodation searches, contact, promotion, etc.

Digital transformation is already a necessity in the hotel industry. In addition to being an ideal environment to digitize both the customer experience and the entity’s operations, the customers themselves demand that adaptation to the smart and online environment.

This leap into the digital world must be understood as a business opportunity, which allows improving business models and creating products based on customer loyalty. And, in general, stand out in competitiveness within the sector.

Self-service hotels

According to statistics from Oracle Hotel 2025 study, around 72% of hotels will implement facial recognition by 2025. In addition, they will also have artificial intelligence systems in their facilities, which will reduce economic costs by more than 15%.

Everything indicates that these technologies will be the future of hotel chains.

These systems automate up to 73% of manual tasks in hotels. And that’s the heart of digital transformation: automation.

Even so, the technological increase does not mean a decrease in the human component. On the contrary, thanks to self-service opportunities more resources can be devoted to the help and human attention of tourists.

In fact, automating tedious and repetitive tasks will allow hotel resources to be focused on valuable tasks. For example, in the case of receptionists, why keep staff awake throughout the night if only a couple of clients are received?

The opportunities offered by hotel automation are so vast, ranging from search engines to check-in and check-out processes.

The common point is that they streamline management and avoid any human error, which translates into saving resources and improving processes, both internally and for the public.

Simplified check-in and check-out

Automating the check-in and check-out processes of customers in a hotel is a consistent step in optimizing resources.

You may have noticed that most airlines only offer online check-in (or what is the same, digital onboarding) to their customers.

This is not a decision taken lightly. In addition to having a positive impact on the passenger experience, it is a great time saving and cost reduction.

Adding digital onboarding or online registration in hotels allows guests to register through your website or app. They just have to follow the necessary steps, from verifying their identity to completing the new customer files.

The guest decides when and how he wants to register. It becomes responsible for notifying their arrival to gain access to your facilities, including the identity verification process and / or payment information registration. And, of course, they will also be in charge of communicating their departure from your facilities to pay the final payment and / or return the key, if any.

The hotels of the future with Alice

In the hotels of the future, customers are eager to get to their hotel room just like now. But they won’t have to go through crowded receptions waiting to check in or check out.

Guests are owners of their time and can notify their arrival on the way to the hotel or from the sofa at home, whenever they decide. In addition, they provide their data automatically, since the system extracts the information, that is, they do not have to fill out forms manually.

Alice offers two ways for guests to check in and check out in hotels:

1. Through the hotel’s web platform or mobile app

Alice’s identity verification solution can be integrated into the hotel’s website or mobile app in a matter of minutes.

Thus, customers can confirm their arrival from the airport or from their homes, as they prefer. Once they have checked-in, when they arrive at your hotel, they can go directly to where they want.

2. Through a totem pole or kiosk at the hotel reception

Another option would be to integrate Alice’s automatic registration in devices or fixed terminals at the hotel reception, where the guest can notify her arrival without help, just by following the registration steps.

In both cases, the system will fully guide the user to register it successfully and in just two steps.

  1. The system will ask your guest to take a selfie at that precise moment.

Alice extracts the biometric data of the user and makes sure that she is a real person; includes:

  • Passive liveness detection
  • Automatic face detection and capture
  • Real-time AI video analysis
  • Advanced facial biometry
  1. Next, she will ask you to capture her identity document on both sides.

Official documents from over 190 countries are supported and new IDs can be added in less than 24 hours.

  • AI-assisted advanced identification authenticity checks
  • Identification document coverage worldwide
  • ID, passport, driver’s license, residence permit 
  • With this information, Alice is able to associate the selfie and the documentation provided to confirm if it is the same person.

It is also possible to add verification of AML lists and sanctions lists. We help you without the need to integrate external providers

✓ Smart Solution – Omnichannel – Online- Secure – Immediate 

✓ Remote check-in to optimize personal resources at reception 

✓ Allows the creation of digital identities that can be one-off or recurring 

✓ Increase customer experience and loyalty

✓ Exclusion lists

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