Kiki Social

KiKi Social is the world’s first social network that limits users’ virtual time and promotes real-world experiences.
Through geolocation, it connects profiles looking for company to make all kinds of plans.
The novelty? Rewards for free time.

Antes de Alice

Después de Alice

Born in 2018

Spain, Mexico, Colombia, India and USA

An app to meet real people

KiKi Social is not another app for dating, likes or friends who don’t exist. It is an app to meet real people, with whom you can make plans, from having a coffee to visiting the city.

Once the user locates a person nearby, they can chat with them and invite them to a plan. To guarantee the plan, the user must invest 10 KiKi Coins, which the other person will receive if they accept the MEET.

KiKi Social had to gain the trust of its community and that of the new users it attracts.

The problem is that Kiki Social has an added difficulty, as it integrates virtual currencies and unknown people, so it needs to take the trust of its users and the security of the platform to another level.

At KiKi Social they are aware that registering users with an email address and password is no barrier to fake users or identity theft. And this is sacred, KiKi Social is only for real people (=legitimate users).

So they looked for a way to tackle risks from the start: the identity verification solution from Alice Biometrics.

Kiki Social <> Alice Biometrics

We joined forces in spring 2020 with the aim of setting up a safe and 100% real community.

Alice’s integration into the Kiki app was straightforward. In less than a morning, new Kiki Social users were verifying their identity in order to sign up.
They only need to capture a selfie for our proof-of-life technology to confirm that they are a real user. From there, they can rest assured that their personal data is safe and that they are interacting with real people with the same concerns as them.

The Kiki Social team chose us for our technology, but they stayed for our end-user focus and our drive to reduce friction. Not to mention our simplicity (we don’t rely on expensive hardware or high quality connections).

Since they integrated our technology, Kiki Social:

✓Offers a fast, convenient and frictionless registration process.

Avoid phishing attacks with non-collaborative techniques.

✓ Detects fake accounts and duplicate users

Thanks to Alice technology, we have made our users feel safe when interacting with others (avoiding fake profiles), fulfilling one of our maxims: “your safety, our priority”.

Manel Hernández, CEO de Kiki Social

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