Shared mobility: Automatic customer registration



Big cities (and small ones too) have been incorporating new mobility formulas adapted to the preferences of the population.

In recent times, we changed the way we move . That is why urban mobility, understood as movements made within the city, is becoming increasingly important.

Car rental by the minute, shared trips or mobility services on request are already a reality. And they’re just a few clicks away.

According to data from VIII Study ‘Spaniards before the New Mobility’, prepared by the Mobility Demoscopy Center:
In Spain, almost 30% of the surveyed population said that they would share a car before buying their own. Among young people between 18 and 35 years old, 46% say they would sell their car if they could always travel in a shared one.

Revealing, right?

For their part, experts assure that the future of cities resides in multimodal urban mobility: travel on foot, by bicycle, in zero-emission vehicles and carpooling.

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The challenge: Ensuring ease of use while being profitable

More and more alternatives to public transport and private vehicles are emerging: scooters, bicycles, cars, scooters… They are already everywhere.

The key to its use is convenience. As users, we want to get to the vehicle and use it without waiting.

{The easier it is to rent and hire these trips and vehicles , the faster they expand your employment}

That is why mobility companies have to offer a registration and quick access to their service, which offers less friction than any other option.

The problem is that, many times, immediate and uninterrupted access to a car or scooter is blocked by the registration and registration processes of new customers.

There are still companies that register their new clients deferred, forcing the consumer to send their documentation in advance and wait until the company checks that their identity document is valid, that they are over 18 years old, that their ID card drive is not expired, etc. (it is not uncommon for these processes to last up to 48 hours or more).

However, they cannot do without this step. Car rental and ride-sharing companies must identify their users. It is vital that they know who they are leaving their vehicles to and what risks they are taking. And for this they need to correctly identify and register new customers:

  • First of all, because to drive most cars and motorcycles it is mandatory to have a driving license. Therefore, these companies can only offer their vehicles to those users who have this documentation
  • Second, for legal reasons that cover both parties in case of problems related to insurance, civil liability, management of fines, etc.
  • And, thirdly, because a correct identification and verification of clients helps companies to minimize uncertainties and avoid fraudulent dangers as varied as identity theft attacks, subjective assessment of documents, duplication of debit cards, damage to vehicles, theft, etc.

The good news is that it is possible to guarantee ease of use and be profitable at the same time thanks to online identity verification solutions.

The solution: Online identity verification

Online identity verification solutions, such as Alice Onboarding , allow to confirm the identity of users remotely in an immediate and convenient way for the client, and in a competitive and affordable way for companies.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and facial recognition, these solutions prove that there is a real person behind the rental of a vehicle. They also confirm that the person who is responsible for the rental or contract is of legal age and has a valid driver’s license, if necessary.

Meet Alice Onboarding: Online, automatic and secure customer registration

Alice Onboarding is the fastest way to verify the identity of the client without jeopardizing the conversion and the security of the mobility companies.

Our biometric identity verification technology facilitates the automatic incorporation of new users, always complying with KYC / AML legislation and minimizing identity fraud.

Our facial recognition algorithm, together with our passive proof of life algorithm, verifies that the user in the registration process and the owner of the documents presented are the same person. This allows us to register users automatically, online, objectively and immediately in a few seconds.

We are committed to an automatic registration process to improve the end customer experience. To avoid having to wait and can access the vehicle when and how they need it.

What applications does Alice Onboarding offer to the mobility industry?

  • Automatic registration of new clients, in a matter of seconds

With just a selfie and the capture of identity documentation and / or driving license, identity verification solutions are able to confirm the identity of users.

In addition, you will see that these types of solutions are by themselves anti-fraud tools. Fraudulent users are aware of the danger of being identified and avoid risks.

  • Validation of identity documentation and driving license

Make sure your clients are using current documentation thanks to the latest technologies.

  • Biometric authentication

Your recurring customers, already registered on your platform, will be able to unlock your vehicles with their face. No passwords or keys, just a selfie!

  • Creation of blacklists

When a user is created, a unique biometric template is extracted that identifies it and allows it to be added to exclusion lists and / or managed in an optimized way.

Identity verification with Alice is as easy as taking a selfie and capturing an identity document info, let’s talk!

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