Post-Covid Hotels | Will a close experience be possible?



Hoteles post-Covid | ¿Será posible una experiencia cercana?

With the long confinement over, travelling is opening again. However, a constant question is the role of post-covid hotels. How can they continue to deliver a personalized experience with a human touch, while ensuring a hygienic, touch-free environment?

This is a complex challenge that has to adapt to digital times. For this reason, today we are talking about hotel trends for the coming months, among which we highlight online check-in.

What will the service be like in the hotels of the future?

In a survey conducted by Skift and Oracle, it was revealed that 6 out of 10 internet users around the world claim to feel more comfortable in Covid-free hotels. It should be noted that covid-free hotels have a special certificate or seal, which certifies the compliance of the premises with the protection measures against the virus.

Under this scenario, when booking, most will opt for those that guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and the least possible physical contact. But that’s when you ask yourself the following question: Where do I usually interact in a hotel?

From the beginning, we all go through the reception . However, this process can be easily removed or replaced through an app. Today, post-covid hotels offer digital Room service to request information, request services or solve any problem.

Of course, consider that it is not about escaping from one confinement to enter another, or that familiarity becomes a new luxury. More than extravagant experiences, we reserve to gain tranquility, rest and good service.

Of course, the eternal wait for document verification and the task of filling in forms after a few hours of flight are not appealing. So, it is right here at the reception where the digital onboarding ensures fast entrance and an exemplary user experience from the beginning.

But … Is it possible that in a few years technology will be the factor that differentiates one hotel from another?

Without having a crystal ball, the truth is that technology should be in the center of the hotels of the future.

Simply, because the idea is to automate processes, not to eliminate hospitality. It never hurts to receive a “good morning” , or a “ see you later” when leaving the hotel, right?

“In a world where we avoid physical contact, we thirst for closeness and personal connection. And there, hotels — as creators of experiences — play an important role. “

Trends in the hotel sector

There may still be a long way to go, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is the need to be prepared for the unexpected. Therefore, we do not overlook the approaching Christmas and end-of-the-year holidays, and with them, new trends in post-Covid hotels .

Absolute priority: cleanliness and security

Traveling will not be synonymous with restlessness; therefore, detection and security measures against Covid-19 will be more than present.

Temperature and disinfection checks are planned at the entrance of each hotel. In the meantime, it will be necessary to have a vaccination card, and the use of face masks will be kept mandatory in common areas.

Check-in and check-out without long waits

Is it necessary for receptionists to register guests if technology can do better?

Digital onboarding processes solve this problem . Offering a remote customer registry allows your customers to forget about the tedious waiting in front of the reception module and welcomes them whenever and wherever they want.

If your client wants to check-in before arriving at the hotel, why not to allow them?

Flexible cancellation policies

By offering flexibility in cancellation policies, the most indecisive travelers are encouraged to book without complications. Among the options, the cancellation fee becomes a gift voucher to retain loyalty.

Redesign of the menu

We are not talking about the ingredients and the dishes, but the way they are presented to customers. QR codes? Menu in virtual reality?

The incorporation of digital menus is another example of digitization in post-covid hotels . Now, there will always be a group of diners who still need to adjust, and to do so, they can get the attention of the staff if necessary.

Communication with customers

Time to get creative. Social distance will not be an excuse to lose dialogue with your customers . Either through a direct mail or the hotel’s social networks, it is important that you keep them up to date with all the activities of your hotel.

Technology, more present than ever

Avoid surfaces with a high level of contagion through voice commands or mobile apps . Whose system allows integrating biosafety elements so that your client feels more protected.

Controlling the light switches or the volume of the TV just by pressing the screen of the mobile does not sound a bad idea, right?

Rely on facial recognition, digital keys or tokens to replace physical keys . An alternative that not only provides greater security to your hotel guests but also to your team.

In addition, it will allow you to control the capacity thanks to the biometric identification of people.

Stay tuned, in future posts we will delve into how facial recognition and identity verification solutions can help.

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