The video-selfie is a crucial part of our solution. As you know, at Alice we prevent identity fraud by relying on identity verification, an online process in which the user is asked to take a selfie and capture their identity document. You can see it in action here.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer three types of selfies or video-selfies: 


We talk about selfie or video-selfie interchangeably, but:

  • For the user, it’s just a selfie, a self-portrait without movement.
  • For the system, it’s a video-selfie, just a couple of seconds long.

This is because in Europe, identity verifications with selfie, or photo, don’t comply with KYC/AML regulations. Mainly, because they are unreliable and don’t have the stability and technical security. Therefore, the video-identification as a standard format for online identity verification.

Standard selfie or video-selfie

In the standard selfie or video-selfie, the user only has to take a photo.

Our system captures a 2-second video-selfie (imperceptible to the user), whose data is used to:

  • Perform passive liveness detection.
  • Compare the biometric features of the user with the identity document (and, therefore, confirm that it is the same person).

Selfie + document 

In the selfie + document mode, in addition to the standard selfie, the system requests that the user take a photo of himself holding his identity document.

Basically, this category is a reinforcement measure, promoted by SEPBLAC, to prevent identity theft.

Selfie + challenge

The selfie + challenge selfie mode is the latest selfie type we’ve added. Unlike the previous two, here the system “challenges” the user.

The verification process is the same: selfie + capture of the identity document. But during the selfie, the user is prompted to show their ID in a random position.


Our systems are sensitive to aging and changes in appearance. In addition, it recognizes if there is more than one user in the selfie, a necessary requirement to comply with some regulations. 

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