How to fulfil with October 31st DGOJ’s resolution



October 31st Dirección General del Juego (DGOJ)’s resolution regulates the online gambling player identity verification, establishing the requirements for this identification and ban control.

This new regulation is the response of the Administration to the experience gained since the publish of the June 12th 2012 resolution increasing the demands to the gambling operator.

The resolution about law 13/2011 considers two very different processes between residents and non-residents players in which the operator is obliged to ask for personal data and check it with DGOJ’s Sistema de Verificación.

This check with the government is a necessary step but not sufficient for a proper user identity verification as they operator is required with further demands.

Operator has to request and register a user identity document with the purpose of checking and verifying user’s identity. It is a critical process for the operator as they are responsibles of a proper verification and it is up on them decide how to check and under which process they will identify their users.

In general terms, operators choose one of the following options for their user identity verification:

· Manual process: backoffice’s manpower checks every document manually. This scheme has sense for a low-volume user registration but penalizes the flow with unefficient slow validation and lack of objectivity. Furthermore, resources that could be focused in other tasks are blocked with it.

· Automatic process: it allows the operator to automatize, objetivize and supervise the identity verification process. Tools such as ALiCE Onboarding allow and automatic and immediate successful registration.

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