How digital identity verification can help your ecommerce



The boom in online shopping carries risks. These risks begin with the difficulty of confirming that a person is using their own credit card and include all kinds of increasingly sophisticated frauds and scams:

  • Stolen payment cards and bank details
  • Identity and data spoofing
    Synthetic identity theft
  • Etc.

Ecommerce has become an easy target for cybercriminals

In the world of the internet, companies must protect their community, but first of all, they must protect themselves. Otherwise, they won’t be able to build a safe space for their clients.

When a new customer registers in your online store, you don’t know them. As much as it provides certain basic data, you do not know if they are real or not. You cannot risk giving access to a user that could endanger your community and your reputation.

Although the user has a large part of responsibility and has to protect himself on the internet, companies cannot depend on consumers having the appropriate knowledge and tools. The final responsibility corresponds to the businesses, which must take measures and have the appropriate fraud prevention processes and mechanisms in place.

Relying on an online store identity verification solution helps you minimize the risk of fraud from the start. And, above all, to increase the trust of your customers and not risk the reputation of your business.

Shield access to your platform

I register only legitimate users, who confirm with proof of identity that they are who they say they are

Avoid payment card fraud

Linked to the previous point, make sure your users are using their payment method (and not a stolen one or someone else’s).

Protect yourself from chargebacks

A chargeback occurs when a legitimate buyer detects a charge on their payment card and the retailer is responsible for the return.

How to verify the identity of your customers in seconds

Verifying the identity of your clients in seconds is possible if you hire the appropriate solution.

With Alice, no apps or downloads are required. Our solution is easily integrated into your online customer registration process. The end user will only have to:

1 – Take a selfie. Our system automatically captures a 1 second video-selfie (imperceptible to the user)

2 – Capture your identity document or payment card

And ready!

These two steps (it takes a few seconds) guarantee that your customers are who they say they are. It also helps you make sure that they are not involved in illegal activities. Of course, the depth of the KYC process will depend on the needs of your business.

The faster your registration process, the faster your customers’ purchases will be.

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