Identity Verification

Identity verification is the process of confirming the authenticity of an individual's identity. It is a crucial aspect of various sectors, including banking, online platforms, and government services. The purpose of identity verification is to ensure that the person claiming an identity is indeed who they say they are, thereby preventing fraud and unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Prueba de residencia España - Alice Biometrics

August 23, 2023

What it is and how to get proof of residence in Spain

The proof of residence in Spain is an official document that’s essential for all kinds of procedures. It confirms your current address and contains your full name and date of issue. But your “proof of residence” is more than just a piece of paper–it’s a symbol of your establishment in Spain. But how do you […]

The rise of micro-money laundering

August 22, 2023

The rise of micro-money laundering

In recent years, money laundering, usually associated with large-scale operations, has experienced a significant shift towards smaller transactions. This phenomenon, known as micro-money laundering, is becoming an increasingly worrying problem in the global economic landscape. It represents a more sophisticated approach to illicit financial activity than usual, exploiting fragmented and seemingly insignificant sums to obscure […]

August 21, 2023

What’s a Deepfake and How to Stop it Using Biometrics

In the modern world, technology and creativity sometimes mix in surprising ways, leading us down unexpected paths. This is where deepfakes come in, a kind of ‘digital double’ that can be so convincing that it tricks us into thinking we are seeing or hearing someone real. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and digital manipulation […]

Iris recognition

August 13, 2023

Iris Recognition: Passwordless Security

In today’s digital world, security plays a crucial role. Passwords are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, especially if they are used as the only method of identification. Today, it is necessary to incorporate a second factor of authentication (2FA) to improve security levels. This is where iris recognition comes in–a technique that uses unique characteristics of […]

5 ways to prevent digital fraud - Alice Biometrics

August 8, 2023

5 Strategies to Prevent Digital Fraud in 2023

In the dynamic banking environment of 2023, digital transactions are on the rise, following the trends of the past three years. But as transactions on digital channels are on the rise, so are attempts to defraud them. According to TransUnion’s report “State of Omnichannel Fraud” in 2023, these attempts increased by 80% globally in 2022. […]

Fintech Legal Sessions Alice Biometrics H21

August 2, 2023

Legal Session #1: Crypto business, tokens and regulation

Last week, we organised a closed-door session for the Alice community to answer recurring doubts and questions about current crypto business models, tokens and their regulation. Moderated by Pablo Nebreda, Marketing Director of Alice, and with the participation, on behalf of ATH21, of Marina Foncuberta and Cristina Carrascosa, founder and director of the firm. During […]

Verify identity card - Alice Biometrics

June 30, 2023

How to verify an identity card

Today, the need to verify the identity of users remotely is becoming more and more important. Companies that offer digital services, such as contracting financial products or opening accounts online, must ensure that the people who access their services are who they say they are. The importance of identity verification Identity verification is a fundamental […]

Contactless onboarding - Alice Biometrics

June 28, 2023

Contactless onboarding (NFC) using ID card or passport

If you are looking for a remote identity verification solution to improve the onboarding process in your company, it is important that you consider the possibilities offered by contactless onboarding (NFC) with an identity document or passport. What is contactless onboarding? Contactless onboarding is an identity verification method that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology […]

Legal requirements to verify a bank account - Alice Biometrics

June 26, 2023

Legal requirements to verify a bank account: KYC & AML

In today’s digital world, where financial transactions are increasingly conducted over the Internet, identity verification has become critical for financial institutions. The verification process of a bank account implies certain legal requirements that must be met to guarantee security and confidence in transactions. What is KYC and AML? Before we dive into the legal requirements, […]