Biometrics, key to improving the customer experience



The fourth industrial revolution is a great challenge for companies. Customers are increasingly in contact with technology and it is important to provide them with solutions that offer a good customer experience, without interruptions and with a good layer of security.

If we talk about a good customer experience, then we have to talk about biometrics, since this technology goes completely hand in hand.

Biometrics and customer experience

It is important to try to find a balance between security and digital customer experience. This is where biometric technology can create new experiences while adhering to security, compliance, and wide acceptance around the world.

Biometrics is changing the way businesses interact and engage with customers. Now it is possible to open a bank account remotely through biometric authentication, which is why the business world is undergoing a great transformation.

A world without passwords

Through biometrics, we can achieve a world without passwords. After all, a lock without a key is useless, but a lock with a key that someone else has duplicated or stolen poses a huge threat to the user and their customer experience. Therefore, biometrics allows us to say goodbye to password problems.

Thanks to this biometric technology, the need to use a complex password that you can lose or forget is left behind. The biometrics cannot be stolen, but is unique to the person, because their features are still there. Therefore, it is more secure than any password.

And not only safer, but also faster and more comfortable for the user. After all, in many cases it is enough toscan the fingerprint, the iris or put the faceso that the system detects us and we can enter. No need to type a long and tedious password.

Security and saving time

Biometrics is synonymous with security and time savings. Time is money and everything is going faster and faster, making users less patient. For this reason, it is important to offer safe alternatives that consume less time, because it is undoubtedly something that cannot be bought.

This is why biometric technology is so promising because it combines security and the ease and speed of access to services.

Attract new customers and retain existing ones

The fact of adopting new technologies always sows curiosity among customers. If the progress is positive, it will clearly be on the way to improving the digital customer experience, offering more for the same.

In this case, if a company allows more functions to be done remotely through biometrics, the user will be more satisfied and will not leave the company. But it is no longer just about building loyalty, but also about attracting new customers.

Customers always want more, so they will migrate to companies that offer a better customer experience, always accompanied by the highest technology.

How to adopt new technologies?

The incorporation of new technologies is something that should always be done in a scaled manner. The current customer profile must be taken into account, since there will always be a group of users who are reluctant to do anything new.

  1. Performs a diagnosis of the current user experience, to find where the moments of friction are in each phase. For example, repetitive validations… 
  2. Design a new experience without friction
  3. Define a strategy for measuring results and the impact it has on the business in terms of security, efficiency, competitiveness and also user experience 
  4. Implements new technological capabilities, such as the use of biometrics to improve user authentication so that customers can do more things remotely with total security 

Like everything, the transition must be little by little, so that the user adapts and we achieve that security and satisfaction go hand in hand.

Have you ever wondered how biometrics can greatly improve the user experience? Remember to put yourself in the hands of professionals to make the change.

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