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Alice & Councilbox alliance
Mar 27, 2023

Alice Biometrics and Councilbox sign an agreement to facilitate comprehensive management of citizen and corporate services remotely.

Alice Biometrics and Councilbox have signed an agreement to facilitate comprehensive remote management of citizen and business paperwork in a secure, certified environment with full legal certainty.

Alice Biometrics, a leading company in identity verification solutions, has signed an agreement with Councilbox, a leading company in technology for the remote holding of meeting processes that require certain regulatory or legal compliance. With this agreement, Alice becomes the biometric identity verification tool for Councilbox’s Virtual Citizen Service Office (OVAC).

Thanks to this integration in OVAC, the identity of the attendees can be validated remotely and without the intervention of a professional, in a simple process of capturing a selfie and identity document. This process is done quickly and securely.

For Julen Remesar, Sales Director of Alice Biometrics, “At Alice we are committed to innovation. This partnership with Councilbox allows us to walk together the path of digitization in the legal sector. Providing trust and convenience as well as legal certainty”.

According to Alberto Doval, CTO of Councilbox, “Alice’s technology provides us with an easy, fast and secure way to authenticate citizens, which responds to the needs expressed by some of our customers to have a frictionless biometric process for users”.

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