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Jul 28, 2022

UPDATE: What have we done in July?

We remain committed to security, so this month we have added a new feature on our dashboard:

Audit log

An audit log is a record or history of events and changes. With this update, we capture events to record who performed what activity and what the system response was.

In this way, a user with the role of auditor will be able to consult all the activities carried out by the members of his organization, such as what profiles they see (very important for data protection!), if they delete any profile, deactivate the 2FA authentication, etc.

At the security level, an Audit log offers a detailed history of crucial responsibilities for companies and the sensitive data they handle, as well as adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

We return to work, next month, more and better! See you on LinkedIn!

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