Guppy provides us with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles so that we can move freely around the city without having to worry about parking, as this service includes parking.

Agile, comfortable and ecological mobility. 0 emissions, 0 noise.

Before Alice

  • Incident rate of 40%.
  • Registration time up to 1 week

After Alice

  • Average registration time per user less than 1 minute
  • Maximum registration time in cases requiring manual validation of 48 h.

< 1 minuto

Identity verification of drivers


Reduction of customer service time


Registration rate

They needed to know who was driving which vehicle

When contracting an identity verification solution, guppy highlights two main objectives:

  1. Improve the user experience
  2. Protect your customers and your flota, avoiding any type of fraud.

These goals correspond to the main problem the company was facing: a poor user experience. Before Alice, the registration process for guppy was less agile and generated more incidents, which led to either registration abandonment or user referrals to customer service.

When we talk about guppy, we are talking about a new, totally digital service, which involves a remote registration process. Therefore, the online registration is the first contact with customers and must be totally intuitive and direct.

User registration is key for us: nothing can go wrong, as a bad experience can mean user dissatisfaction and too much permissiveness can mean unwanted fraud for our business. We need the perfect balance.

Pablo Campos-Ansó, Head of New Business at guppy.

On the other hand, the company has to make sure that its users are legitimate and only want to use their vehicles to move freely.

Preventing and combating fraud starts during onboarding, so it is crucial to deny access to the flota to users with fraudulent records or who try to register false documentation in the first place. This is not only to protect material assets, but also to protect society as a whole that could be involved.

An automatic, fast and flexible solution that allows them to capture and validate documentation.

At Alice we are aware of the need for guppy to offer a fast and secure registration process. That is why we provide them with an automatic, fast and flexible solution that allows them to capture and validate their users’ documentation instantly and without friction.

During the registration process in the guppy app, the final user only has to take a photo of their ID card on both sides and driving license, Alice takes care of the rest. In just a few seconds, the time it takes the user to take the picture, the user will be verified.

On the other hand, guppy is in “geographic expansion” mode, so our solution offers them the scalability they demand without the risk of major frictions.

Goodbye incidents

The integration with Alice has allowed guppy to verify the identity of its potential users through an automated process that is fully compliant with data protection regulations.

This solution has also served to increase the confidence of the guppy community, as it rules out malicious registration, while offering maximum security for legitimate customers.

In guppy, with Alice, they managed:

  • 35% increase in registration rate
  • Reduce average customer service time to 30%.
  • Less than 1 minute average time for driver identity verification

Currently guppy has a smooth customer experience, which has allowed it to increase its registration rate without incidents and, consequently, the number of registrations.

This reduction in problems during the verification process has been accompanied by a significant decrease in the average registration time per user.

These indicators translate into a better user experience, who feels that he or she is participating in a simple process and, of course, into significant financial savings, as customer service time is greatly reduced.

Knowing that a user can access a vehicle for the first time in less than 5 minutes is a peace of mind for everyone. In addition, we managed to reduce the number of calls with registration problems to almost zero.

Pablo Campos-Ansó, Head of New Business at guppy.

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