Cooltra offers sharing services, such as the rental of motorbikes and electric bikes by the minute, as well as renting services, both for individuals and companies and public administrations.

Before Alice

  • 3 h to verify a user
  • 100 hours per month in verifications  > 100 hours per month in verifications  

After Alice

  • 30 s to verify a user
  • 0 hours of verifications 

Born in 2018

>18000 vehicles

8 countries

Cooltra, leader in sustainable mobility on two wheels

Cooltra is a leading Spanish company in sustainable mobility on two wheels. It was founded more than 15 years ago to facilitate urban mobility, offering scooter rentals by the day. Over the years, the company has expanded its range of services to include the rental of two-wheeled vehicles by the minute (motosharing y bikesharing), and renting by the month, both to individuals and to companies and public administrations.

Cooltra is established in 8 countries (Austria, Spain, France, Italy,  Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany), has a staff of 400 people and a fleet of 18,000 vehicles, of which 75% are electric motorbikes that operate with a zero footprint.

Mobility companies, such as Cooltra, need to know who will be using their vehicles in order to avoid risks and attribute responsibilities;

If some users had free access to the vehicles, they would not bother to take care of them and leave them as they were. It is important to know the customer, through identity verification, and that they know that they are responsible for their actions in order to avoid misuse of scooters and bikes;

Challenge: Onboarding new customers

Minute scooter and electric bike users are people in a hurry. They need immediate and easy-to-use solutions, they don’t want to waste time on convoluted activation processes.

Therefore, Cooltra’s main challenge and priority is to make the scooter and e-bike rental experience as comfortable and fast as possible.

When they started, they had to adjust to the times and register their new users manually (and therefore relatively long activation times). With the advancement of technology, the registration process became an app-based process. Gradually, they reduced the activation time for new customers, always trying to adapt to the needs of their customers.

In this continuous search for improvement, they came to Alice.

Solution: Alice streamlines identity verification

Alice identity verification is specifically optimised for remote new customer registration processes. Therefore, it adapts to what Cooltra, and mobility companies, need: a robust and automatic technology that protects the company from damage, taking maximum care of the user experience. 

Although we considered other onboarding companies in the market, we chose Alice because of the quality of its technical documentation and its competitive price.

Roberto Lera, CTO of Cooltra.

Thanks to Alice’s identity verification, Cooltra users can access their two-wheelers in a matter of seconds, after verifying and validating their identity. All they have to do is take a selfie and capture a photo of their driving licence to complete the verification process.

For its part, the Cooltra team has access to its users’ information in real time through an easy to review dashboard.

After a smooth integration, Cooltra is ready to further improve its service with Alice, while consolidating its leadership in the electric mobility on wheels sector.

Cooltra relies on the help of Alice to ensure that:

  • Your users are real
  • Your users are of legal age
  • Your users have a valid driving licence

We value very positively the proactivity of Alice’s team to develop integrations in record time with excellent results;

Roberto Lera, CTO at Cooltra.

The integration with Alice has impacted Cooltra’s results favourably since the first week.

Internally, we see a drastic reduction in activation time for our customers, with a significant proportion of new registrations being able to use our service within seconds of completing registration.

Roberto Lera, CTO de Cooltra.

During the months we have been working together, Cooltra and Alice have achieved the following milestones:

  • We have reduced the registration time from about 3 hours to 30 seconds on average.
  • We have increased customer conversion by 6%.
  • We have saved >100 working hours per month

And what gives us the greatest satisfaction is that our customers are happy:

It highlights the very good predisposition of the technical teams to be in permanent contact in real time;

Roberto Lera, CTO de Cooltra.

We show you how it works in a demo: 

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