How to improve your business with identity verification



How to improve your business with identity verification

Today we talk about how identity verification can help you in your business.

Assuming that identity is the set of traits that distinguish people from one another.

Verifying the identity of a person consists of confirming that a person is who they say they are, checking with their identity document.

As proof of identity it can be used from an identity document, or a passport to a birth certificate or invoices, for example. The important thing is that said document proves the identity of its owner.

How is the identity of a person verified remotely?

Traditionally, the client of a bank who wanted to carry out some type of sensitive transaction or the student who wanted to enroll in a master’s degree, for example, had to go to the bank or the university to carry out the procedures.

Among others, at the bank or at the university, the user had to show their identity documentation to verify their identity. Basically, a person verified that their face and their data corresponded with the data of the identity document presented.

With the arrival of the internet and the digitization of a large part of the services, the need to adapt this type of physical process to the online environment becomes clear.

And this is the remote identity verification solution: digitizing the identity verification.

Verifying the identity of a person remotely requires the same steps as doing it in person.

Thanks to facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence, identity verification solutions are capable to verify the identity of clients remotely through a mobile application or directly on a web.

These intelligent systems extract the information from the person’s face and verify that it is the same person that appears in the identity document, exactly the same as a person would do, but with greater precision that characterizes technology.

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In regulated industries, such as banking or gambling, the verification process is mandatory and is known as KYC. It arises as a measure to prevent fraud.

How does our identity verification work?

Our solution integrates in a matter of minutes in mobile applications or web platforms.

Let’s imagine that your business has already integrated Alice Onboarding.

Your new clients are in your app or website ready to buy your services. As part of the registration, they will need to verify your identity in a few seconds.

Step 1. Real-time selfie-video capture

To begin the identity verification, Alice’s system asks the user to take a selfie with their device’s camera (it can be a computer, tablet or smartphone).

It is actually a video-selfie, but the user does not even notice it because it is an automatic step of 1 second.

During this capture, Alice extracts the biometric data from the user’s face and it is confirmed that it is a real person thanks to her proof of life .

✓ Includes passive liveness detection

✓ Detect and capture faces automatically

✓ Analyze video in real time using AI

✓ Use advanced facial biometrics

Step 2. Capture the identity document

Next, the user has to capture their identity document on both sides.

Automatically, the system extracts the data, confirms its validity and verifies that the person who took the selfie is the same person who appears in the document.

During this step, the system also analyzes the security features of the document. Both to ensure its validity and to reduce the risk of fraud. Among others, our solution verifies that:

  • The document is valid
  • The machine readable zone (MRZ) is consistent
  • The type of identity document corresponds to the official templates of identity documents

In addition, our system supports official documents from more than 200 countries. However, we can add new identity documents to validate in less than 24 hours.

✓ Check the validity of the documentation

✓ Verify identity documents from around the world

✓ ID, passports, driver’s licenses, residence permits

(OPTIONAL): Step 3. User activation

Alice offers the possibility of adding improvements to identity verification, such as verification in AML databases, reading and capturing documents or signing contracts without the need to integrate external providers.

You can integrate the identity verification results in your back-end or manage everything from Alice’s dashboard: design the flow and functions of the user journey or see the verifications of your customers in real time.

✓ It is a complete solution (End-to-end)

✓ Adapted to KYC, AML and GDPR regulations

✓ Full control over the data captured and the results processed through API or panel

Why is it important to confirm who is behind the processes on the internet?

The majority of commercial or financial procedures and transactions are being transferred to the internet world.

Companies and entities play a very important role in this digitization of operations.

On the other hand, identity verification is a necessary action to formalize commercial and labor relationships, etc. The digitization of the identification process reduces risk, increases trust and supports legal validity and compliance.

And not only because of the regulations and standards to which they have to adapt, but also because of the responsibility that implies protecting the data of their clients.

There are increasing risks of fraud. That is why the need arises to assign corresponding digital identities with real identities to verify and allow access to services or actions to the correct people.

Confirming who is behind an online process ensures that the people who carry out remote procedures and transactions are legitimate.

Identity verification offers that guarantee.

How can identity verification help you improve your business?

Relying on identity verification is relying on digitization. And as such, it implies a greater fluidity of internal processes and, in many cases, a competitive advantage in the market.

Broadly speaking, it will also help your business to:

Improve customer experience

Online identity verification streamlines processes and saves unnecessary travel, thus facilitating contact and dealing with the customer.

Reduce costs

Online identity verification implies a more efficient management of the process. It not only reduces operating costs, but also allows you to optimize time and personnel.

In addition, it makes it possible to enter new markets for free, since global barriers are eliminated.

Prevent fraud and protect your customers

Identity verification is important to protect organizations and digital entities from fraud.

Adapt to regulations

Verification solutions must be adapted to KYC, AML regulations, GDPR and PSD2, among others. So they guarantee security and compliance. In addition to being a prevention of fines.

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