Worried about Identity Fraud?

NIST Presented is the first evaluation of Presentation Attack Detection. Why Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) is important for Identity Verification fraud prevention? How were IDV Solutions evaluated? What does it imply to have a BPCER > 0.05?

Those and many other questions are explained in our guide. Download it for free to understand the implications of the latest NIST Face Analysis Technology Evaluation Test Results, and identify the best solutions to do so.

Personal identity verification plays a fundamental role in multiple sectors of activity, to ensure that whoever is behind a transaction is indeed who they say they are. Whether booking a hotel room, opening a bank account or signing up for a ride-sharing service, identifying and verifying the user is crucial to mitigate the risks associated with fraud and identity theft.

This is why having an identity verification provider has become a priority in a number of industries. However, not all providers are the same.

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