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First attempt onboarding

95% of verifications are completed on the first attempt. Thanks to our assisted user interaction. Based on AI to help your customers complete the registration process. The easier your registration, the more customers.

Verify in less than 1 second.

And register your customers in the blink of an eye. They’ll appreciate the speed.

100% automated.

You only need one camera to optimise your operations. Automating unproductive tasks will allow you to allocate your resources more efficiently.

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“With Alice we achieve a drastic reduction in activation time for our customers, with a significant proportion of new registrations being able to use our service within seconds of completing their registration.

Roberto Lera, CTO at Cooltra.

“Alice has a very communicative and helpful team. They made implementation very easy and were on top of any hiccups.”

Mercè Domínguez, Operations Manager at Goin

“The biggest benefit we have [with Alice] is that we can customise the onboarding process a lot, just because of how the product is designed.””The biggest benefit we have [with Alice] is that we can customise the onboarding process a lot, just because of how the product is designed.”

Alvaro Ferrer, Product Manager at Reby

Frequently asked questions

Alice is a self-service solution that allows you to go through the entire evaluation, purchase and integration process without assistance. Start a trial here. If you want to book a demo, here. Learn more about the Alice API and our Android, IOS or React Native SDKs here.

No. We want you to continue using Alice because you are happy with the solution and because you are getting results, so you can terminate the service at any time without penalty.

Alice performs thousands of verifications every day with 100% SLA compliance.

Alice has been set up to comply with the AML/KYC and data protection regulations of most countries, but we are happy to discuss your particular legal requirements.

Alice is a very easy to integrate solution. On average, in less than a day, you can start enjoying its benefits.

Alice wants to show you how to improve your business and your users’ experience, so it’s free for 3 months, where you can verify up to 100 users/month. Once you are ready to scale, you can choose the pricing plan that best suits your business growth.