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Getting around the city comfortably is as easy as finding a Reby vehicle, booking it, and hitting the road.

After Alice

Savings of 1 euro / user

15% less fraud

Born in 2018

Born in 2018

> 23 cities

> 23 cities

Spain | Italy

Spain | Italy

Reby, the best option to move between two points

Reby offers a sustainable alternative to get around in urban areas. On their platform you can rent scooters, motorcycles and bikes. Fully established in 23 cities in Spain and Italy, they are ready to continue growing.

True to his principles, Reby focuses on their clients. Their vehicles are designed for sharing (they are well prepared for outdoors and are easy to repair). And by not needing as many repairs as other providers,  Reby can offer more vehicles on the street.

In addition, they provide an affordable service with options and prices that fit all pockets.

The challenge: having a robust remote identity verification system

Identity verification is a necessary requirement for Reby for two reasons:

First, for the safety of their community and the safety of their vehicles. Both users and Reby need to know who they are dealing with. On the one hand, users must feel comfortable trusting a company that provides them with vehicles in good condition. And, on the other hand, the company must know their users to be able to follow up in case of unforeseen events or damage.

⚠️ Also, identity verification is a fraud deterrent.

And secondly, because the vast majority of municipalities and regulations require them to verify and confirm the documentation of their users.

Verifying the identity of users extends the useful life of vehicles from companies like Reby. It is a tool that not only serves to detect fraud and assign responsibilities, but also to deter users who intend to cause damage.

The Solution: Alice

Before integrating our solution, Reby already had a documentation verification solution. The problem is that it was expensive, complex and didn’t allow them to introduce the improvements that Reby’s team demanded.

The biggest benefit we have [with Alice] is that we can greatly customize the onboarding process, precisely because of how the product is designed.

Alvaro Ferrer, Product Manager at Reby

In their quest for improvement, Reby considered other companies for the verification process. Finally, they chose Alice, for three reasons:

✓ Because we offer a differential technological product, which allows a lot of operational flexibility to our clients (whom we listen to at all times).

✓ Because our team is 100% involved and responds quickly.

✓ Because of our pay-per-use pricing model, adjusted to the reality of companies that are scaling.

With Alice, new Reby users only need to capture a photo of their ID. Our solution takes care of verifying that the document is valid in seconds, allowing the company to onboard as many users as possible without manual intervention and greatly improving the experience for their community.

I can attest that [Alice’s] team develops features based on conversations with customers.

Alvaro Ferrer, Product Manager at Reby

The results

After a quick integration, in which Reby highlights the quality of our technical documentation, we only needed a few months to reduce fraud by 15%. To which should be added the economic savings that our solution represents for Reby: 1 euro / user.

Reby, let’s go for more, keep growing!

[Answer to the question: What is the best thing about Alice?] I would say two things: The verification technology they develop (face-match, liveness detection and OCR) because it is very powerful. And also the way the service doesn’t make decisions for their clients, it just returns information and lets us create our own business rules.

Alvaro Ferrer – Product Manager

Reby chooses Alice to ensure that:

✓Their users are real
✓Their users are of legal age
✓Their users have a valid driver’s license

Alice Biometrics provides a fast and secure identity verification system to confirm that users accessing Reby’s scooters and bikes are people with good intentions; our technology detects users with non-legitimate intentions to stop identity theft and fraud.
We show you how it works in a demo, book now.