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guppy guppy puts a fleet of 100% electric vehicles at our disposal so that we can move freely around the city. We don't need to worry about city center parking either, because it's included in the service.

Agile, comfortable and ecological mobility. Zero emissions and zero noise.


40 % incident rate

Registration time up to 1 week


Average registration time per user <1 minute

Maximum registration time in cases that need manual validation 48 h

Born in 2019

Born in 2019

+ 800.000 km

+ 800.000 km

+ 12.000 users

+ 12.000 users

Asturias | Cantabria
5 cities

Asturias | Cantabria
5 cities

The challenge: who’s driving?

When they were acquiring an identity verification solution, guppy highlights the two main needs they had:

1. Improve the user experience.
2. Protect customers and fleet,  avoiding any possibility of fraud.

These needs mirror the main problem that the company was suffering: a weak customer experience. Before Alice, the company’s sign-up process was complex and generated a lot of issues, leading either to abandonments or referrals to customer support.

When we talk about guppy, we are talking about a new and digital service that involves a remote registration process. This means that online registration is the very first contact the customer has with them, and so it has to be completely intuitive and straightforward.

Registering a user is key for us: nothing can go wrong, since a bad experience can mean user dissatisfaction. We need the perfect balance.

Pablo Campos-Ansó, Head of New Business at guppy

On the other hand, the company has to ensure that their users are legitimate and only want to use their vehicles to move freely.

The prevention and fight against fraud begins during onboarding, so it is crucial to deny fleet access to those users with fraudulent histories or who try to register with false documentation. This is not only to protect guppy’s vehicles, but also to protect whoever else may be involved in a car accident with them.

The solution: Alice

It was clear from the beginning that guppy needed an agile and secure registration process. Alice was able to provide them with an automated, fast and flexible solution that allows their user documentation to be instantly captured and validated their documentation without friction.

Because Alice is integrated within the guppy onboarding application, the end user has to do nothing more than offer both sides of their ID document and driver’s licence for capture and then Alice takes care of the rest. In just a few seconds, the time it takes for the user to make the capture, their identity and licence will be verified and validated.

On the other hand, guppy is in “geographic expansion” mode, so our solution offers the scalability they demand without the risk of increased friction.

The result: Goodbye incidents

The integration with Alice has allowed guppy to verify the identity of their potential users through an automated process that is fully compliant with data protection regulations.

This solution has also served to increase the trust of the guppy community, by eliminating the registration of criminals, while offering maximum security for legitimate customers.

Currently guppy has a smooth customer experience, which has allowed the company to increase their registration rate without incidents and, also, the number of registrations.

This reduction in problems during the verification process has been accompanied by a notable decrease in the average registration time per user.

These indicators translate into a better user experience, who feel that they are participating in a simple process and, of course, in significant financial savings for guppy, since customer service time is greatly reduced.

Reducing the number of calls from new users with registration problems, to the point of almost disappearing, is the best feedback we could get. Knowing that a user can access a vehicle for the first time in less than 5 minutes means peace of mind for everyone.

Pablo Campos-Ansó, Head of New Business guppy

If your company also needs help to reduce the number of incidents and improve the user experience, please, contact us.