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Goin, the app that helps you achieve your financial goals

Goin was created to help people achieve their financial goals quickly and without a substantial impact on their lifestyle, offering them different automatic savings and investment methods.
Before Alice

In-house Identity Verification

After Alice

Internal resource savings

Adaptation to legal regulations

Born in 2018

Born in 2018

> 550.000 users

> 550.000 users

Spain, France and Italy

Spain, France and Italy

About Goin

Goin is a free mobile app that allows users to achieve their goals (whether it be buying a mobile phone, going on a trip or paying for an apartment) thanks to automatic savings and investment without extensive financial knowledge. Goin offers an intuitive, dynamic, social, and above all, intelligent experience, by allowing its users to save even when they spend (thanks to the Cashback method) or achieve their goals at the best price through the app.

The application focuses on users with a low capacity for autonomous savings, allowing them to boost their savings and achieve their goals intelligently and without even realizing it. 

Before Alice 

Goin is a financial services provider and, therefore, requires an identity verification process that complies with current KYC and AML regulations.

Before Alice, Goin had an in-house user verification solution, which required some manual effort from the team to review and approve documents.

The notable growth in users of the app made Goin decide to opt for a scalable solution that would optimize dedicated resources and, at the same time, reinforce security levels.

Solution: Goin <> Alice

After analyzing several companies in the sector, Goin opted for Alice’s technology, experience and competitive price.

The onboarding process was quick, and within hours, Goin was able to start enjoying the benefits of Alice’s identity verification.

Alice has a very communicative team and always willing to help. They made implementation very easy and were on top of any hiccups.
Mercè Domínguez, Operations Manager at Goin

Together they set up a convenient and simple authentication process, adapted to KYC and AML regulations, which allowed to eliminate the need for manual in-house resources for user identity verification, fraud and possible incidents.

Now Goin can verify the identity of its new users in two steps integrated into its registration process, as well as detect fraud attempts thanks to passive life detection.

For Goin users, the registration flow has improved in fluidity, and to verify their identity they only have to take a selfie and capture their identity document. For its part, the Goin team has access to all the information recorded in a customizable dashboard.

Furthermore, based on Alice’s comprehensive solution, Goin can verify a wide variety of identity documents and continue to break into new international markets.


Since Goin and Alice joined forces, Goin has significantly reduced response time. Now all of her new users sign up instantly, compared to 24 hours on average before Alice.

Since then, Goin also:

✓ Have verified more than 300,000 users
✓ Have reduced fraud on the platform by more than 60%
✓ Have reduced the registration rate with incidents to a residual 1%

Alice provides a fast and secure identity verification system to confirm that users accessing the Goin platform are legitimate users; its technology detects users with non-legitimate intentions to stop identity theft and fraud.

We show you how it works in a demo.