Business cases

Our technology has helped our clients offer a better service or product. Do you want to know more about the competitive advantages that we can provide?

Getting around the city comfortably is as easy as finding a Reby vehicle, booking it, and hitting the road.
Kiki Social
KiKi Social is the first social network in the world that promotes experiences in the real world. Through geolocation, it connects profiles that are looking for a company to make all kinds of plans. The novelty? Reward for free time.
Cooltra offers sharing services, such as renting electric motorcycles and bikes by the minute, as well as renting services, both for individuals and for companies and public administrations.
Goin, the app that helps you achieve your financial goals Goin was created to help people achieve their financial goals quickly and without a substantial impact on their lifestyle, offering them different automatic savings and investment methods.
Woonivers is a 100% mobile …Tax-Free operator. They streamline VAT reimbursement on purchases made by non-EU tourists when they visit the European Union and, in addition, they are able to offer all kinds of cashbacks based on business intelligence. Foreign…
Verse is a unique financial services app, bringing together the best of a digital bank, a payments app, and a social network without being any of these things. Thanks to this combination, instead of clients, Verse has built up a…
guppy guppy puts a fleet of 100% electric vehicles at our disposal so that we can move freely around the city. We don’t need to worry about city center parking either, because it’s included in the service. Agile, comfortable and…