Alice KYC Integration

Need to verify the identity of your customers remotely? Thanks to the integration of Alice KYC with Auth0, onboarding your users is now easier, faster, and more secure.

Choose our identity verification solution to ensure your users enjoy a seamless experience

*If you contract more than one Alice Auth0 app, the credit will be distributed among the total number of contracted apps.

  • 95% engagement rate
  • Verifications completed in less than a second
  • Frauds and malicious registrations minimized

User-Centric Solution

A fraud-resistant, simple, and no-code registration solution.

Alice’s identity verification process allows you to onboard your users while meeting the highest anti-fraud security requirements, all automated and with the ease provided by Auth0 technology.

Facial matching

Our facial recognition technology extracts unique features from your customers in a selfie. We compare the information extracted from the selfie with a capture of the ID document to confirm that the person taking the selfie is the owner of the provided ID. That simple, that effective.

  • It provides technology sensitive to aging, changes in appearance, glasses, watermarks on documents, etc.

Face PAD (Presentation
Attack Detection or

Starting from the capture of biometric data, our technology analyzes and detects if it’s a human conducting the process, thereby determining the presence or absence of fraud indicators. Alice can automatically detect facial spoofing fraud through printed or on-screen photos, pre-recorded videos, and other sophisticated attacks—all without requiring any awkward actions or movements from your user.

  • Evaluate the risk of impersonation
  • Thanks to passive liveness testing, you don’t need to ask for collaboration from your users, streamlining your onboarding process.

Document Security

  • Advanced AI-assisted authenticity checks
  • Coverage of identification documents in +190 countries
  • Detection of documents and photos displayed on screens and paper
  • On-demand handling of non-structured documents

Full Control, Centralized from Our Dashboard

Set up your onboarding flows, review your registered users, accept and reject requests manually or automatically… from our dashboard, you can maintain complete control over your identity verification system.

Boost Your Business with Our Frictionless Identity Verification

Simple, competitive, and with the best technology endorsed by the most demanding institutions, regulations, and standards.

  • No commitment or permanence
  • No feature limitations
  • No credit card required
  • To be used within the next 3 months

Alice KYC

400€ fixed / month

+ 0,50€

/ created user

  • Capture of selfie (standard or with challenge)
  • Selfie passive liveness
  • Capture of proof of identity
  • Face Matching Selfie vs ID
  • Automatic reading of doc ID fields (OCR)
  • Document validation
  • Control Panel
  • Customer Support
Start taking advantage of your €5000 in free credits today.

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