Alice Face Login Integration

Why use 2FA systems based on numerical codes and external apps when you can use your own face? That’s what Alice Face Login offers you: a simple and frictionless biometric login solution.

*If you contract more than one Alice Auth0 app, the credit will be distributed among the total number of contracted apps.

  • Avoid phishing attacks
  • Provide your customers with faster access to your service
  • Frauds and malicious registrations minimized

User-Centric Solution

An easy, secure, and no-code login solution.

To ensure the security of your users and your product, it is increasingly common to request a two-factor authentication. At Alice, we have extended our biometric registration technology to also cover this need, making the login process much more secure, fast, and frictionless for your users. Let’s see how it works:

1. Register your user’s face

During the registration process, we will ask your user for a selfie that we will store in our database. This will be the face against which we will compare them every time they want to log in to your platform.

2. Run your usual login flow

When your user wants to log in to your platform, they will first need to authenticate themselves through the usual login mechanism you have defined. For example, entering a username and password.

3. Ask for a selfie as a 2FA

Full Control, Centralized from Our Dashboard

Set up your onboarding flows, review your registered users and their login log, accept and reject requests manually or automatically… from our dashboard, you can maintain complete control over your identity verification system.

Boost Your Business with Our Frictionless biometric login

Simple, competitive, and with the best technology endorsed by the most demanding institutions, regulations, and standards.

  • No commitment or permanence
  • No feature limitations
  • No credit card required
  • To be used within the next 3 months

Alice Face Login

0€ fixed / month

+ 0,20€

/active monthly user

  • Capture of selfie (standard or with challenge)
  • Selfie passive liveness
  • Facial authentication/matching against sign up Selfie
  • Control Panel
  • Customer Support
Start taking advantage of your €5000 in free credits today.

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