Alice Bot Prevention Integration

Our Alice Bot Prevention app integrated into Auth0 allows you to verify that your users are real with a simple selfie, without the need to ask them to solve annoying and increasingly ineffective captchas.

*If you contract more than one Alice Auth0 app, the credit will be distributed among the total number of contracted apps.

  • Process completed in less than a second
  • Frauds and malicious registrations minimized

User-Centric Solution

A fraud-resistant, simple, and no-code bot prevention solution.

Our Alice Bot Prevention app uses deep learning to analyze images and videos, enabling us to detect and thwart bots attempting to attack your platform. We identify that the one trying to access your platform is a real user by capturing a single passive selfie, instead of asking your user to solve outdated and increasingly ineffective captchas.

Say goodbye to bot access and account creation

Both during the registration and login processes, we will ask your user for a selfie to verify that they are a real person and not a bot. Thanks to our technology with passive liveness testing, your user won’t need to make strange gestures or movements; a simple selfie in good lighting conditions is sufficient for Alice’s technology.

They may be very artificially intelligent, but there’s something they will never have…

A face.

Boost Your Business with Our Frictionless Identity Verification

Simple, competitive, and with the best technology endorsed by the most demanding institutions, regulations, and standards.

  • No commitment or permanence
  • No feature limitations
  • No credit card required
  • To be used within the next 3 months

Alice Bot Prevention

first 100 monthly requests free

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  • Capture of selfie
  • Selfie passive liveness
  • Customer Support
Start taking advantage of your €5000 in free credits today.

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